MERU: The Dangerous Climb

Have you seen Meru? The Himalayan big wall climbing documentary that has brought the incredible perspective from Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru to Sundance 2015? No? Then read on. I don't really like blockbusters and the latest one, Everest, the true story of an attempt on the summit of Mount Everest in 1996 only proves why. MERU is not only visually stunning, but unlike the latest 3D drama, totally worth to see on a big screen whenever you get a chance. After all, the dangerous Himalayan big wall climb that resulted in a captivating film, and the experience of getting the movie made is something that is not based on being surrounded by a green screen but real mountain. If it comes to a theater near you, go see it.
23. 10. 2015 Comments: 0

Meru is a documentary about three elite mountain climbers, who sacrifice everything but their friendship as they struggle through heartbreaking loss and nature's harshest elements to attempt the never-before-completed Shark's Fin on Mount Meru, the most coveted first ascent in the dangerous game of Himalayan big wall climbing.

23. 10. 2015 Comments: 0
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