The Mountain Experience Festival: 12 – 18 October, Brixen

The 7th edition of the Kiku, International Summit (IMS) will take place from October 12th till October 18th 2015 and offers an extensive program with different package options. Experiences in the mountains, meetings with people from the mountains and the confrontation with the inner mountain, one’s own soul and personality, are the main topics of this year’s edition.
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The organizers Markus Gaiser and Alex Ploner are inviting to the Mountain Summit in Brixen/Bressanone (Italy). At the festival famous mountaineers, experts of alpine clubs, researchers, philosophers and passionate mountain friends will have the chance to meet and to exchange their experiences, thoughts and opinions. Every day provides new experiences amidst the South Tyrolean mountains and the IMS participants will walk and discuss together.

The IMS can be proud to include famous names on the speaker’s list. The German extreme athlete Joey Kelly, the American slackliner Andy Lewis, the South Tyrolean mountaineer Tamara Lunger, the German free rider Nico Zacek and the British climber Andy Kirkpatrick are just a few names on the list. The central discussion “Mountain Freedom vs. Risk –a discussion without peak” will attract experts from different areas like law, medicine, tourism and security, coming from all over the world.

“We are excited, how our guests will react and reflect about the new topic of the mountain soul, motivation and goal-setting”, sayMarkus Gaiser and Alex Ploner. The program is broad: three exhibitions will take place in the City Gallery, in the Hofburg and in the Pharmacy Museum in Brixen, the first appointment of the E.O.F.T. Tour will be set in Brixen and the movie “Streif-One hell of a ride” will take place in collaboration with the Filmclub Brixen and the Austrian TV channel Servus TV. Moreover the Forum Brixen will be hosting a culinary meeting. At the “IMS Alm” and the “Südtirol Brettl” South Tyrolean dishes will be served. The guests will have the opportunity to taste typical delicious dishes with live music and entertaining company. More information regarding the program is available on the official webpage


5. 10. 2015 Comments: 0

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