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Masters of Dirt Delivered Again

The people are always thinking, "You cannot beat this anymore“, but somehow the crew around Masters of Dirt mastermind Georg Fechter manages again and again to surpass themselves. With in total four almost sold out shows Masters of Dirt blew the mind of fairly 30.000 spectators away again. A brand new format of the show delighted the Wiener Stadthalle - Austria's largest event centre and one of Europe's top ten arenas - this weekend. Report below.
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More pyrotechnics and more fire. The fuel girls were heating up the intro show while DJ Mosaken was scratching his finest tunes. Additionally a giant was playing his double-guitar in composition to the drums of Dramatical Theatre. It was a breath-taking intro which was outclassing those of the years before.

42 athletes out of 14 nations have perfected the brand new enactment. Tricks that have never been landed before were shown at the BMX and MTB section. A world premiere was shown by 20-year old Nicholi Rogatkin. Anyone who stomps a trick for the first time ever is allowed to give the trick a name. And that's how Nicholi's 'Twister' aka 'The Twisty Wizard' was born (see a short video of the trick below).

"Masters of Dirt is a pre-programmed insanity", says Nicholi Rogatkin. "All riders have shown their very best tricks during four shows. Landing 'The Twister' is a crazy feeling. It was absolutely amazing!”

Also the 37-year old Patrick Guimez from France showed the crowd a 'world´s first' although  it wasn't actually planned. "It is great to start the season with the best show of the whole year", says Guimez. "I am really thankful to be part of Masters of Dirt Family and riding together with the best athletes of the world. I have been working really hard to show the best and especially the newest tricks here in Vienna. Every day I have been training in the rain to land the 'triple flip' at the show. Unfortunately, I was not able to do the triple flip but the most important thing is to stay healthy and happy. At least I  was able to show another world premiere the 'double flip turndown'. I keep on training and can´t wait for the next show of Masters of Dirt."

Bienvenido Aguado and his 'Superman'

The choreography of the FMX-riders was just blowing everybody mind away with performing crazy whips and synch jumps. The spectators were getting nuts when David Rinaldo stomped a flip double grab or when Filip Podmol landed several incredible 360´s. But the crowd winner was definitely the FMX  legend Edgar Torronteras, his performance was cheered the most.

David Rinaldo and his Double Superman Seatgrab Backflip

Czech Petr Pilat and his signature trick

An absolute climax of the show was the Tandem Freestyle Motorcross duo Antonio Navas and Rocky Florensa, showing a backflip and other crazy tricks on a single motorbike.

The snowmobile riders were keeping the crowd off their seats with crazy tricks as well.

The segment 'Kids are the Future' was really heart-warming. Eight years old Benjamin, four years old Samy and three years old Dillan were paddling through the arena like the 'Big Boys', creating an amazing moment for super-talented Marcus Christopher. This 13-years old BMX crack travelled all the way down from the USA to come to Vienna.

With a completely new light design, the Stadthalle in Vienna got a new futuristic look. Four FMX Riders were jumping in LED suits over the ramps that were illuminated with LEDs. This was a real challenge as the only thing the athletes saw in the totally dark arena were the LED lights. It was a real treat for the eyes of the spectators.

An outstanding highlight was the 800kg heavy Polaris buggy. Behind the wheel was Jerry Mayr going for a huge backflip. And he nailed it.

All in all, Masters of Dirt did it again, delivering a great freestyle show  of the highest level. Although it's a lot of fun, safety is still the most important point. Norwegian Jostein Stenberg, who has been delighting the crowd with his backflips on the snowmobile since 2009, announced his retirement.

Jostein Stenberg at his last MOD show in Vienna.

"Masters of Dirt is the very best show in the world", says Jostein Stenberg. "I definitely wanted to be part of it one more time. Now it is time to retire. I have sold my ramps to my colleague Jason Cesco. So there is no turning back. I am so thankful that I was able to be part of the show until today. Masters of Dirt is treating its riders so good. It is tough for me to say good-bye.” Farewell Jostein, we will miss you.

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Gallery photos: © Naim Chidiac


25. 2. 2016

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