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The Brazilian football player dares a ride with the two times World Rally Champion

The famous Brazilian football player Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (FC Barcelona) dares a ride with the current World Rally Champion Sébastien Ogier.For one day, Neymar forgot about football and changed his football shirt with a rally racesuit to drive as co-driver on the twisty and rough roads of Montserrat, in Catalonia. One of the best in his passion – soccer, he realized that driving a fast car and reading pace notes simultaneously is not the easiest thing to do.
10. 12. 2014 Comments: 3

The Brazilian player went for a ride with two-time (2013, 2014) World Rally Champion Sébastien Ogier in his 315bhp Volkswagen Polo R WRC along the twisty roads of Montserrat mountain. “Left, right, no… right”, said Neymar – trying to get to grips with the pacenotes as Ogier sped through the hairpin corners and narrow straight. After just a few hundred metres the footballer had a good idea of just what it takes to be a good co-driver.
Even though he may need to familiarize himself with some of the routines and technical terms of the rally sport, the Brazilian footballer was relaxed on the stage. This was mainly because Ogier knows the roads in the north-eastern region of Catalunya like the back of his hand having won here twice in the World Rally Championship.
For making sure that Brazilians new captain Neymar had an unrivalled experience the French driver Sébastien Ogier gives valuable advice to Neymar about the work of a co-driver. The footballer’s greatest moments were those when he followed Ogier’s advice and just enjoyed the unforgettable ride along the rough roads.


10. 12. 2014 Comments: 3

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