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10 tips for the best trail riding in the Czech Republic

The Internet is full of tips for the guaranteed best “stuff”. However, the choice is always subjective or “to order”. That's why we reached out to various bikers to balance their subjective choices with a variety of perspectives. Young racer, a “dad” with a cycling background, a hobby rider, a cycling event organizer, or a photographer - they all will have different priorities. So, let’s avoid condemning and defamation trails that we don’t like, because they have their enthusiastic supporters and users. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments below, which might not be in the Adrex Places app yet and are worth visiting.

We have contacted several known and unknown cyclists who have ridden almost all biking locations in our country. They can compare and evaluate which terrain and trail concept is closest to them. Distance of travel plays a role in the choice. So, the closest in distance is often the closest to the heart. The first question is about a location with natural trails and the second tip concerns more classic resorts where you can find additional services.


Michal Prokop - bike king

  • Definitely the Ore Mountains. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is because of the incredible trails where few people can get to thanks to the closed community. 
  • Trailpark Plešivec thanks to the fact that I help with the construction of trails. What I like about Plešivec is that it offers not only flow trails, but also natural enduro trails for more demanding bikers.

Bike resort Peklák

Rob Trnka - biker and photographer

  • As a photographer, I like the Ore Mountains and the Jeseníky Mountains. Not specific bike locations. Just hills. I am often tied down by certain “fancy” locations, I need freedom. The Ore Mountains, because they are in my heart and they are my home, my challenge, my inspiration, and we have trails there that none of us share to keep them free of people. And Jeseníky for the reason that it is foreign to me and I like it. And they also remind me a little of the Ore Mountains. Not in size or massiveness, but rather in the feelings they evoke in me.
  • Being a dad, any pump track at a good location in any village. And I don’t mean a proper pump track for everyone with sharp waves and impressive turns. I mean those little light waves that little kids will ride over while sitting, almost stop on the top because they can’t pedal it with those short pedals, and still get over the blunt top without locking their handlebars. They won't go out of a curve, so just in a slight lean position. Just for them.  I think such pump treks are excellent for the little ones, and I share the joy and excitement with my kiddo when he screams with enthusiasm. What’s fun is easier for the kiddos to find their way to.

Jiří Fikejz - racer and cinematographer

  • Kokořín and Koko trails are very nice nature trails and I really like Trutnov Trails and Rychleby trails. More technical trails, beautiful scenery and interesting environment for other disciplines.
  • From the resorts, I would mention Lower Moravia and Kouty, or my local bike park Peklák. I like the relative accessibility, the character of the hill, and the quality of the trails and service.

Well, we’re glad that someone mentioned these most famous and most important biking locations:)

Bike resort Peklák

Kristýna Havlická - rider

  • I like to explore, but I also like to return to places that I already know very well and which feel like home. Specifically in the Czech Republic these are Rychleby trails, Bike park Kopřivná and Lower Moravia.
  • Leaving aside the trail centers, for example, the landscape of the Bohemian Forest region or the whole Jeseníky Mountains... these delight my soul.

Tom Nováček - biker and photographer

  • Hostýn-Vsetín Mountains and Javornik Mountains - the area offers steep downhills, beautiful ridges, the possibility to use a network of cycle buses to get closer to the ridges and mountain huts providing refreshment options during long rides. Bike Arena Vsetín offers a bike track for fooling around.
  • Lower Moravia - although I find the surrounding buildings incredibly irritating, the resort as such makes sense and its content is close to resorts in the Alps. The number of visitors spreads out beautifully. The trails are good quality, well maintained and fun. I’m curious to see the progress on the green trail for kids. And when the resort stops entertaining, the surrounding area is full of options for where to go.

Tomáš Koucký - biker and cinematographer

  • For me and my girlfriend, it’s definitely Trutnov Trails because it’s close to Prague. And a short drive to Adrspach rock town. Just much more bank for the buck. Definitely applies to the blue one. Super beautifully swirling flow trail not only for beginners. Zigzags and jumps for the more advanced.
  • Lower Moravia. All of those tracks are in luxurious condition. Nowhere else did I manage to catch such a rhythm on quite big jumps as on their Black trail. It's so beautifully intuitive that you don’t have to touch the brake or pedal at all. And the blue and red are excellent and fun for my girlfriend too.

  • Finally, of course, the home resort Točná, Brezany Valley. Definitely the best riding in Prague, from pump track, dirt to barracks and especially the best beer “U Posledního Kelta” (at the last Celt).

Robert Šimice - biker and trail builder 

  • Several times a year, I can’t resist the call of the Bohemian Forest and spend the weekend in Sušice. The terrains here are great, tourists and bans are minimal compared to the central Bohemian Forest, the cycling community takes care of the trails, facilities and services are fine. Let’s go! Svatobor and Sedlo will also reward you with lookout towers at the top. It’s no coincidence that there was the first enduro race in the Czech Republic. Since then, modified trails have also been created (Epona, Rocky 1 a 2, Morrigan), which are great for incorporating into a longer trip or for training with small bikers.

  • When you dig trails somewhere, you logically have a deeper (even intimate, since you fiddle about the “shaping”) relationship with that place. So, I’m doing a promo to: Vír trails! Modified sections (Havel Trail, Sokolí Trail) are not many yet, but you won't get bored here. The trails are narrower, more natural, without any material (except for footbridges) and require some knowledge on the handlebars to have the experience positive ;)

Alexandr Sidor - rider and trail builder

  • Trutnov Trails and Rychleby - the best two trail networks in our country. If Vír Trails were to join them, it would be a blast, but it's a super long process.
  • Recent visit to Peklák made me very happy, huge variety of tracks, great atmosphere. Lower Moravia is great as far as riding is concerned, but the amusement park around sucks. Bikepark Špičák still the top for us. 

Václav Volráb - Czech Mountain Bike Association

Vašek, from the position of the chairman of the Czech MTB Association cannot simply choose 2 domestic locations, it would not be fair to others, so he gave us tips on his favorite foreign destinations.

  • Our favorite place to bike is Sospel. It’s a short distance from Finale Ligure, but it's not full of people and it’s also less on downhill and the brakes... :-) But I don’t know, I've only been to the Sospel - 3 times.
  • Our favorite place to go on the road bike is Tuscany. The scenery, the attitude of the drivers, the culture, the gastronomy, all of it draws us there... We were just there last week... ;-)

We also fell in love with Tuscany and it should be noted that if you take your bikes with you, you won’t regret it. We’ve tested the trails around the seaside Punta Ala and Massa Marittima where the brothers Mario and Nino Shurter are also involved in digging.

So where will you go biking this year? Send us your tips or add them to the Adrex Places app and become a co-creator of this database of sports locations. BTW, you can find beautifully prepared overview of locations by TrailHunter HERE, and by Trail-Busters HERE.

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