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The largest Czech pump track opens in Jihlava

The opening of a new high-quality and meaningful sports ground is always a big event for the public and the local community. We always strive not miss the opening of any. This is also why Adrex is starting the summer presentation of the best spots through the Adrex Places application, where the brand new Jihlava pump track has been placed immediately.

  • When? June 16 in the afternoon
  • Where? Leisure area Český mlýn Jihlava
  • What? New magnificent asphalt pump track

Pump track is used for riding a bike, scooter or roller skates and it is possible to drive on it without pedaling thanks to its waves and bends. In Jihlava, the 230-meter-long track is unique in that it consists of two mirror routes, on which races can also be held. There is also a children's circuit and new public lighting. The Vysočina Region also contributed to the construction of this Jihlava attraction.

The realization of the track was undertaken by Tomáš Kudrnáč with a team of experienced "builders" from DIRTY PARKS and in a few months they started this parade. We asked Tomáš for details:

On June 16, the official opening of a new pump track in Jihlava is about to take place. It looks great. Who is the author of the project and how long has it been created? What makes it special?

"Based on the input data from the customer (the city of Jihlava), I was able to design a larger and long dreamt of pump track. In fact, I had the idea of ​​two larger mirror circuits very long time ago. I worked with Michal Severa from ČeMBA to fine-tune and settle the design, who then prepared a complete project documentation for us. The first preparations for this project started at the beginning of 2020, a building permit was issued in March this year, when we began construction. As I have already mentioned, this pump track is not only unconventional in size, two mirror circuits allow two riders to ride at the same time, who can really race on the pump track, and thanks to the asphalt surface, not only riders on MTB and BMX bikes, but also longboardcross riders, skateboarders, or freestyle scooters. Among other parts to mention there is jumping part that learns you jump a little more and also a small children's circuit for the youngest children on push bikes. We also created a special jump from the pump track, thanks to which you can literally jump to the neighboring skatepark. It is simply giant and there is an inexhaustible number of passages or jumps. Yeah, and in the fall, when it's early dark, the lights around will just come on and the ride continues."

You already have over 20 larger tracks in your portfolio of realizations. How do you perceive the development of this "discipline", the interest of riders, resp. interest of contracting authorities?

"Today it's quite a phenomenon, it's been more than 5 years since we built the first asphalt pump track in the Czech Republic and the term pump track is already publicly known almost as a skatepark. But the beginnings were quite complicated. To convince municipalities and cities that it has some future, to tell the mayors that we can really build it with the asphalt and oppose the head of the building authority, who firmly claims that it is impossible.It was not free, but we still managed to tread the road here and today we are building from spring to winter. I take the pump track as a great refuge where to learn to ride a bike, skateboard, etc. It will entertain the general public, children devour it and not offend even a pro, while for the more advanced we try to incorporate into the pump track some jump or something extra that the transfer eye will appreciate. But we don't just build pump tracks. We love forests and nature, and it occurs to me that there are very few really good jumptrails and flowtrails in today's bike parks. And we would like to change that.”

Pump track of these dimensions and parameters literally talks about a variety of events and everyday entertainment. There will be more facilities in the future. What would you wish it "inherited"?

"Well, I would definitely like to invite all bikers, longboarders and racers of anything. This pump track is perfect for racing and we would love to see it in action at various events. The city of Jihlava is definitely inclined to organize events, so do not hesitate to contact."

Earlier, the city of Jihlava prepared a unique bike washer for cyclists returning from the terrain with muddy bikes. The bicycle loop contains a pressure water gun and a brush and is great for "pre-washing" the bikes, for example, before loading into the car or if you live in an apartment and a bathtub full of mud and charm will not please your partner.

The area of​​such parameters is worth a visit even if you are not from Jihlava and the surrounding area. That's why we're adding it to our Adrex Places app right away. Here you can easily locate it, study the parameters, view photos and videos, or as well as comments and ratings from other visitors.

We are looking forward to your first reactions, ratings, added photos and other sports "spots" not only in Jihlava :)

Text: Robert Šimice, Tomáš Kudrnáč and the official website of the city of Jihlava


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