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The Wildest Race in Taxco Closed the City Downhill World Tour 2014

Taxco is not the typical place for a bike race however, when the World Cups and Freeride World Tour are over, racers and freeriders alike head south of the border for some urban downhill insanity. The tight and twisty alleyways and down countless sets of stairs is what draws crowds of thousands to a small Mexican city each year. Once again, this past weekend Taxco was playing host to some big names with the likes of Slavik, Polc, Hannah, Gutierrez and Gulevich in town. As always, the atmosphere was all time high accompanied by a vibrant sound of bikes thundering down each extended staircase.

The best riders from 16 nations gathered in Taxco, the final stop of the first City Downhill World Tour 2014 (CWDT), fighting for the World Champion title. For years, Filip Polc stood as the undisputed king of street racing. In 2012, Marcelo Gutierrez, another urban legend,  challenged the claim with several major wins in a row. The playful rivalry of the past year often found Marcelo just ahead, but at Taxco 2013 it was Filip who returned victorious again.

Although Filip Polc took the overall lead with a second place finish in this year's edition of the City Downhill World Tour, it was the talented and crazy Brazilian Bernardo Neves Cruz who took the win.

Overall CDWT results:

1. Filip Polc (SVK)  - 95 points
2. Mick Hannah (AUS) - 43 points
3. Tomas Slavik (CZE) - 42 points

Check out Filip Polc's final run video and Taxco's photo gallery below.

Cover Photo: © Daniel Badia
Article Photos: © Bruno Diaz
Gallery Photos: © Marcos Ferro


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