Best Foot Forward Europe Tour 2021

The biggest European AM Skate Contest Tour culminated with the Grand Finale in Innsbruck. 42 skaters (including 11 girls) competed for the title, prize money (Men & Women: up to 1.000€) and a once in a lifetime chance to win the STS Skate sponsored winner trip to California. A high level of skateboarding was expected, but what the boys and girls delivered exceeded all expectations! The hall was on fire, and outside in the Brand Village, the vibes were great.

Martin Atanasov (Sofia, BGR) took the win with one bail but massive tricks like transfer to FS Tailslide over the rather big pyramid, Noseblunt slide and BS 270 Lipslide on the big downrail and a solid run covering a lot of the course. Second place went to Lenni Pfeiffer (Vienna, AUT) with a stay on run, including tech tricks like Double Tre Flip up the euro gap, Flip FS Boardslide down the big rail and beautiful FS Feeble grinds on the straight rail.


Santino Exenberger (Tyrol, AUT) came in third with an astonishing number of 14 tricks in a perfect run. He was using the kicker line and every other obstacle, for example, a crazy transfer Lipslide quarter to quarter, bigger Spin Flip on the hip, FS Feeble on the big downrail and Blunt FS Flip on the quarter. Swiss rider Liv Broder was in a league of her own and she won the women’s competition with a FS Feeble on the small downrail, FS Boardslide down the big downrail, high Kickflips up the euro gap, and FS as well as BS 270 over the hip.

Results Women - Best Foot Forward Europe Tour Finals 2021

1. Liv Broder (Zürich/SUI)

2. Julia Placek (Mödling/AUT)

3. Jeromine Louvet (Castanet Tolosan/FRA)


Results Men - Best Foot Forward Europe Tour Finals 2021

1. Martin Atanasov (Sofia/BGR)

2. Lenni Pfeiffer (Vienna/AUT)

3. Santino Exenberger (Schwaz/AUT)


Further information regarding the Tour here. Watch also on Adrex.tv. Skatehalle Innsbruck in the Adrex Places app.

Text and photo: quattro media GmbH

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