Deap Canyoinig Team Presents: Continue

Deap is a canyoning team from Switzerland formed around Warren Verboom, Adidas extreme athlete. As they put it, they simply enjoy canyoning to the fullest, pushing each other to the extreme, taking canyoning to a new level. Warren and his crew took it "deep" once again and released "Continue" a sequel to "The Beginning" movie which was a big success all around the Europe. Their newest release is now online. Check it out.
12. 9. 2014

Their first release got shown at several outdoor film festivals such as EOFT (European Outdoor Film Tour) and got a lot of credit. Delighted with the outcome the crew decided to release a sequel that can be downloaded at no fixed price from their website - just support them by offering any donation. You can download the movie here

Check out the trailer below, it's sick!

Source: http://www.deapcanyoning.com

12. 9. 2014

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