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We at Adrex.com are always more than happy to share the passion with all of you out there who 'give back' to their communities whether it's a skateboard or climbing scene. It might seem as those 'little' local events all around the world are not important as extreme sports in today's society are rapidly becoming more about content marketing than the action itself. That's obviously wrong and we should not allow that. Guys who organized WolzenBolzen, a freeride fun race in Switzerland, sent us a video edit from the event we wrote in detail at the beginning of October. Enjoy the edit and we hope to hear from all of you and your local events anytime soon!
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Here are some facts and figures about the past WolzenBolzen event Chrigi and friends sent us:

The event was a big success rounding out the Burning Wheels Tour 2014. Total of 106 riders  came down from Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland to enjoy two days of skating on a 5.5 km long track next to a chairlift that served as a shuttle. There were food corners and farmhouse bars on site to keep everybody fresh.

The weather was fine during both days. It rained in the night from Saturday to Sunday. This is why the track was still wet in the morning and we decided to leave the track closed until the most dangerous sections dried up.

In the evening all moved to a party tent to enjoy live band and dj all night long to celebrate the final leg of the Burning Wheels Tour 2014. No major accidents happened and the organizers were very happy with the course of the whole event. Everybody had a great time and looks for another great season next year.

Thanks Chrigi!


Photos: © Nathalie Alexandra

Source: http://www.wolzenbolzen.ch

24. 10. 2014

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