Red Bull Dolomitenmann 2013 - Registration begins in March!

Registration for the 26th edition of the Red Bull Dolomitenmann on 7.9.2013 will be possible from March via the website. The registration procedure will operate in the same way as 2012, with the first 50 starting places given to teams with the most Dolomitenmann points, and another 50 places awarded at random.
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Teamsthat are not registered in the first phase will automatically be put into the second registration phase, so just one registration is needed and registering twice does NOT increase the chance of gaining a starting place. Past experience has shown though that applying early increases the chance of getting a starting place, as if there are not a full 50 teams in the first phase with positive points, then some teams with 0 points will be awarded spots.

After the deadline for applications we will contact all teams awarded a starting place by e-mail and ask the teams to then transfer the start fee when they have their confirmation of a starting place. We would ask please for the number to be added in the ‘reference’ field when making the transfer to make things easier. Once the start fee is received then the starting spot is fully confirmed! redbulldolomitenmann.com

6. 4. 2013 Comments: 0

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