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Parkour is a training discipline using body movement that developed out of military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to move quickly and efficiently through their environment using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves, negotiating obstacles in between. One ostensible ‘goal’ of the discipline is to be able to traverse any terrain as swiftly and fluidly as possible with efficiency, grace and precision.
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Parkour can include running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement and more, if they are the most suitable movements for the situation. It was developed by Raymond Belle, David Belle, Sébastien Foucan and others in the late 1980s. Adrex.com would like to present you gradually all the important news on Parkour in cooperation with the best of its performers and providers.

For many practitioners the ‘goal’of the art is simply to master their own physical vessel, to sophisticate their mobility and improve their overall agility. Some practise solely for reasons of health and fitness, while others do it for the fun of recapturing a childlike view of their surroundings. Yet more walk the path for more esoteric reasons, finding philosophy and contemplating ‘The Way’ as they go. In truth, most would admit to pursuing a combination of all these goals while perhaps emphasising one aspect above the rest.

Parkour Generations

Parkour Generations is the largest professional teaching body for the dynamic art of movement that is parkour (or Freerunning) in the world. Based in the UK and France, we work closely with a number of groups ranging from national sporting authorities to primary and secondary schools, local councils and social inclusion organizations to deliver the best instruction available today. They have their own Parkour Academy classes, running every weeknight in London, are recognized as an international benchmark for parkour instruction.

The Parkour Generations team itself has performed all over the world and has been central to some of the highest profile media projects concerning parkour to date, including seminal documentaries and major advertising campaigns for public and private companies worldwide. The team also works in close conjunction with the UK and French Governments on a number of ongoing and ground-breaking projects in youth fitness and social improvement.

Parkour Generations Team

The instructors and coaches of Parkour Generations are some of the most experienced practitioners and teachers in the world, drawn from every generation of the practising community, ranging from some of the original French founders of parkour, to top level athletes who help to breathe new life into the art of movement today. The Director­s Team of Parkour Generations is composed of Dan Edwardes, Stephane Vigroux and Francois ­Forrest­ Mahop. All staff and trainers are A.D.A.P.T. qualified via the National Governing

Body, Parkour UK, are CRB-checked and possess CSLA, BELA and ASL qualifications, as well as public liability insurance for the sport and sport-specific First Aid training. All activities are carried out under the rigorous supervision of these professional individuals, who maintain an attitude of dynamic risk management at all times. Whether it be displaying this incredible and explosive art-form or passing on the true spirit of parkour to any who want to learn, Parkour Generations strives to offer the highest quality work in every field.

Contact:   Parkour Generations Ltd. ,  89A Pirbright Road  , Southfields , London ,          SW18 5ND , United Kingdom.  Additional information :   www.parkourgenerations.com

Source:  Parkour Generations Ltd. website     Thanks to Dan Edwardes.   All images are property of Parkour Generations Ltd.  Text: Thomas    Video:  Youtube.com

5. 7. 2013

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