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Extreme sports have become popular more than ever. Young generations have so many opportunities to explore new playgrounds through BMX, skateboard, inline or the latest hit - scootering. In each sport, we often hear of a new kid on the block who astonishes us with his skills and style. Where do those wonderkids are coming from? If you are born as a natural talent the sport you are good at (but don't know that yet) will most likely attract you at some point. But what about those that are not that skilled right off the bat? Fortunately, due to the freestyle sports' popularization, there are various coaching and training workshops out there to introduce youngsters into the world of freestyle and help them to progress at it, pointing them to the right direction. Team Extreme from England is one of those workshops that coach and train young hopefuls. On top of that, they perform stunts, throw exhibitions and run competitions. Check them out.
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Established in 1988, Team Extreme has been there from the infancy of extreme sports. Many of the world’s top riders and skaters have performed within Team Extreme over the years including Jamie Bestwick (BMX legend) or Simon Tabron (BMX star) to name a few.

The company roots can be traced back to 1988 when a young Mark Noble won the title of World BMX Flatland Champion. Mark became a prominent figure in the BMX world from then, creating and editing Ride BMX Magazine and nowadays running his own BMX company: Deluxe BMX. Things got moving when Mark's father saw a potential in flatland and ramp displays that slowly gained in popularity. With the help of Peter Tabron (Simon Tabron’s late father), he constructed a portable halfpipe for the Cyclex Show in London’s Olympia in 1989. His next move was forming a display team from the UK’s top BMXers and skateboarders, including the likes of Jason Davies, Sean Goff, Ollie Mathews, Scott Carroll, Mark Atkins, Neil Danns, Jamie Bestwick and Simon Tabron. Simon Tabron is four time BMX Halfpipe World Champion while Jamie Bestwick is recognized as the world’s top rider. Since then, the team has performed countless shows and exhibitions.

During the late 90’s and early 2000's Team Extreme were the first to incorporate coaching and participation between displays, using top professionals to teach young people how to ride or skate safely. Coaching proved to be so popular that to date, coaching workshops have developed into stand alone workshops, skatepark openings, running and organizing competitions and more. To get closer to the public, Team Extreme also spread the word about the sports through the Youth Sport Trust, Sport England and the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust. Sharing their stories as athletes through trial and tribulation and eventually success, they are great role models to inspire young people. With freestyle scootering and street breakdance added to the list, the team invests in amazing people and continue sharing our passion. And that's the way to go.

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