Upper Mustang Trek- The Forbidden Kingdom

Past the lofty Himalayan range, in the Rainshadow of the compelling Annapurna and Dhaulagiri extend rests a wonderfully baffling town – The Upper Mustang. Extremely mainstream as the Former Kingdom of Lo, this spiritualist valley is additionally referred…
26. 3. 2017

Past the lofty Himalayan range, in the Rainshadow of the compelling Annapurna and Dhaulagiri extend rests a wonderfully baffling town – The Upper Mustang. Extremely mainstream as the Former Kingdom of Lo, this spiritualist valley is additionally referred to numerous as the 'Little Tibet of Nepal', the 'Last Forbidden Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal' and even the 'Mountain Desert in Nepal'. Straddling the Himalayas, the region broadens north towards the Tibetan level.

The Upper Mustang trekking isn't a normal remote valley trekking in Nepal. The whole territory of the Upper Mustang - from the Tibetan fringe in the north to Kaagbeni in the south-tucks in various one of a kind encounters for trekkers to encourage their eyes and soul. From the scene of Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and different brilliant range towards the south, to the trans-Himalayan atmosphere (cool and semi-bone-dry), and the Tibetan–influenced, perfect medieval Buddhist expressions, design and outlandish culture and convention going back to the thirteenth and the fifteenth century – all add to make this, one of the super trekking goals in Nepal. It offers exquisite degree for going by Buddhist religious communities, the King's Palace-worked around 1400, sanctuaries work amid the fifteenth century; chance to be a piece of the extremely popular Tiji celebration and watch the local culture in Lo Manthang and the exceptionally uncommon polyandry framework. Trekking to Upper Mustang is additionally a substitute approach to encounter the Tibetan culture and scene.

Best Time for Trek

In the past regularly incorrectly spell as Moostang and Mastang, Mustang can be best portrayed with two atmospheres and areas. To locate a genuine adjust in wide assortments of components is vital to the best time for trekking Upper Mustang. But late December to start of March, rest different months, including October and November are suggested for trek. The time of May regularly holds a celebrated celebration of Tiji. Storm of June, July and August doesn't hamper any of the outing above Kagbeni. September denote the finish of storm on the lower belt of Mustang. Trekking ancient salt exchanging course, goes profound through the Kali Gandaki Valley with cool twist connect on your head, it is a trek of a lifetime.


Upper Mustang, The Lost Tibetan Kingdom has been never a hiker's asylum. Trans Himalayan salt exchanging course from Kagbeni to Tibet by means of Lo Manthang is presently in the container rundown of drifter. Numerous trekkers made "U Turn" from Kagbeni due to costly allow for Upper Mustang. Fringe of Upper and Lower Mustang Kagbeni is vigorously trekked each year. World popular Annapurna Circuit Trail goes through Kagbeni. Accordingly meandering nonconformists can be spotted on the trail in the middle of Jomsom to Kagbeni. Upper Mustang is found completely inside the Annapurna Conservation Area Project. Aside from ACAP passage allow trekkers needs to issue uncommon confined allow from Nepal Immigration. TIMS card is not required in the wake of having confined allow issue with movement. Two distinct grants are required.

1. ACAP Entry Permit

ACAP – Annapurna Conservation Area Project

This can be issued at office of Nepal Tourism Board. Either in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Despite time traverse this single passage allow cost Nepali Rs. 2000 (Approximately USD 20). Trekkers need to give international ID points of interest. One international ID measure picture is required. This allow can be issued ahead of time before landing of trekkers.

Note: Update June 25, after quake ACAP is arranging diverse thought. This can be utilized as a different time inside in one month. This is not executed yet.

2. RAP Upper Mustang

RAP – Restricted Area Permit

This is the exceptionally fragile allow framework. The cost is costly. It is USD 500 Per Person for the initial ten days. Your days will be numbered from Kagbeni Check Point (When you push forward of Kagbeni). By and large our agendas are planned to fit confined range with ten days. For Lo Manthang we used to assign two overnights remain. On the off chance that if number of days get stretched out than USD 50 Per Person Per Day is material. One filtered duplicate of travel permit measure picture is required for this allow. In any case, you need to hand more than two picture. This is on account of at some point migration's database doesn't work, and we needed to join a photo physically. Unique travel permit is required at migration. You need to hand over your identification to us for one working day. Approach us for a duplicate of visa, on the off chance that you require photocopy for a day. We can't issue this allow ahead of time before your landing. We require one working day (Approximately 3 hrs) to issue the allow. Allow can't be issued on Saturday and Government Holiday. Recall that we don't have occasion in Sunday, your licenses can be issue on Sunday.

Upper Mustang Trek Permit Summary

* Valid Passport with least 6 months to expiry

* ACAP Permit | USD 20 Per Person | One Printed Passport Size Picture

* RAP Upper Mustang – USD 500 Per Person for initial 10 days |Scanned Copy of Passport Size Picture | One Printed Passport Size Picture

* Minimum two trekkers are required with direction of approved neighborhood administrato

26. 3. 2017

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