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17+ huge fields and mini scenario maps, 20 acre town, dozens of buildings, 1000's of sand bag bunkers, bridges, rivers, 50+ vehicles, fire trucks, personnel carriers, 7 planes, a 3 story space ship, 2 castles, a fortress and more - all located on the Algonquin Bluffs, just 25 minutes North of Toronto. Simply the wildest terrain paintball in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 300' hills with 30 - 80 degree angle banks - bunkered from top to bottom - covered by maple and birch trees. Definitely one of the top 20 paintball destinations in the entire world.
17. 7. 2013 Photos: 9 is pleased to present this amazing paintball playground of excellent parameters. Its more than 17 fields on more than 50 acres! We have chosen 10 fields for you with a short description.

Barrie Paintball Fields

Hamburger Hill

Located on the Algonquin Bluffs just west of Barrie. This 300’ vertical challenge with 30-80 degree angle slopes will test your endurance. Heavy ground cover and treed with mature maples & birch. Unique folds in the hill and 1000's of sand bag bunkers on the hill give cover from top to bottom. Even with cover the angles are tough to defend against. Raise the flag and the hill is yours Hamburger Hill was one of the initial 7 fields and is still a favourite among players.

The Valley

A huge long fully treed valley with a medi-vac bus at one end and a deuce and a ½ at the other end. Between those 2 vehicles are many barrels, bunkers, crates, vehicles, 2 planes, buildings and more.

Black Forest

2 Castles separated by a 8’ deep trench on 4 acres. Trees, Trees, Bunkers and more Trees. 2 Castle mazes make storming almost impossible. Angles are everything. Owning the trench is key.

Black Hawk

Big Buildings, Big Buildings, Helicopter & more big buildings. A Multi room Hotel provides excellent cover for the terrorists and a place to plot. An 18’ dia. central communal well is surrounded by a multi room apartment. War torn Somalia City controlled by the rebels. Lots of elevated positions.

Vimy Ridge

Located on the same Bluff and right next to Hamburger hill. Vimy shares similar slope, sand bag bunkers and folds to HH but is 3 times the size with more of everything. The major difference is the valleys and hills located across the horizontal axis of the Ridge. This gives players the chance to move under cover along the sides. Heavy ground cover and treed with mature maples & birch.

Little Saigon

20 acre war torn town. Over 30 buildings, 50 vehicles, 3,000+ barrels and crates, 1000+ sand bag bunkers, 2 storey prison, tower, crows nest, phone booths, city park and so much more. All under the cover of trees. Ideal for large groups.

Heartbreak Ridge

A Cabin atop the Algonquin Bluff with a compound and 2 elevated sniper decks built on and around it for protection. 30-80 degree slopes on 3 sides with an 80 degree slope on the remaining side. Bunkered from top to bottom and a fully treed 4 acres. You are surrounded. Defending your security in the fully accessible cabin will be your task.

Area 51

Just a short walk from Roswell yields the Area 51 airfield. The center piece is a 15,000 lb F5 twin engine jet. Surrounded by a hangar, a lab and 2 barracks. Vehicles, bunkers, Fuel tanks, bombs, barrels & crates accent the field. Test your metal in the open.

Saddam's Missle Factory

One huge building with smaller buildings within surrounded by 5 acres. Fortified andelevated guard towers, Barrels, Crates, Vehicles and more. Heavy Action up close and personal.

Heavens Gate

Just as the name implies. It is 150’x175’ of Astro Turf CXBL Air Ball field. Fully netted in with no escape. Most games last less than 3 minutes of intense action. Blocks, Pillows, Cans, Tacos and a Snake provide cover for the field. Plenty of good seating available in the bleachers. Field Layout & Design may change periodically. 

3 Fields are available for Night Games. Great scenario Games ready for teams as well as for individuals.

Directions from Toronto:

Hwy 400 North to Exit 90 or Mapleview Rd. (Formerly Molsons Park Rd.) - Turn Left or West Under 400 Bridge - Go Past 10th Stop light to Stop Sign - exactly 4.4 km (Mapleview ends) - Right on County Rd. 27 less than 0.1km & Immediately - Turn Left or Go West (Only goes one way) on 25th Sideroad of Essa - Go 2.4 km to next Stop Sign 10th line Essa (2nd Concession Rd.) - Right up over BIG Hill to Barrie PaintBall - 911 No. is #8200

Sign on left - Follow Driveway to Pro shop at back.

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