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Paintball in Dubai has been practiced even long before the giant development of the city during the last decade. Founded in 1996 Pursuit Games with the technical assistance of WDP, Europe’s largest Paintball equipment distributor, has become one of the first professional Paintball facilities in the Middle East. To date, Pursuit Games close working relationship with Major International Suppliers ensures they provide the latest technology and follow all the necessary trends of the industry from safety tips and rules to games and equipment.
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In 1997 Pursuit Games transferred operations from indoor to where they are today, in the Wonderland premises of Dubai Creek and Jebel Ali Shooting Club brand new fields situated at the very southern tip of the city.

With the barren, desert environment of Dubai, Pursuit Games have to use a unique approach to Paintball. Their games and fields revolve around a mixture of Speedball and Paintball. This approach is well suited for the desert region and from what they understand are the only Paintball facility that operates this way world wide.

Original Pursuit Games field in Dubai Creek. is the only website providing the exact locations of both PG playing fields. Find the Jebel Ali Shooting Club original Dubai Creek playground on the map of Locations...  Find also the new playground (Jebel Ali) on the way south to Abu Dhabi at Locations...

Brand new Paintball arena in Jebel Ali (see the map below).

Contacts: Pursuit Games Paintball Dubai, Jebel Ali Shooting Club, Riyadh Road, United Arab Emirates  Tel. +971 4 324 4755 Mobile: +971 50 651 4583  More information at:

Source: Pursuit Games website and FB profile Thanks to Abdulla Kazim. All images are property of Pursuit Games. Video: Youtube  Text: Martin Alexander

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