Growing Tradition of PALS - Paintball Asia League Series - Thailand

At the turn of February and March of this year, the top Asian paintball teams took it to Bangkok for the annual championship tournament organized by Paintball Asia League Series. PALS Thailand has been the only premier international Paintball event in Thailand. They have hosted dozens of teams in different venues around Thailand in the past years. brings you a fine video from the event.
10. 8. 2013

PALS Thailand would like to extend a warm invitation to all teams and vendors to participate in one of the best international paintball tournament that Asia has to offer. Thailand has traditionally been part of the prestigious Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) and has been renowned for its great culture and hospitality worldwide.

Offering the best teams from all over Asia where last year they had participation from Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, Iran, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia. PALS Thailand has proven to be a formidable battle ground for the most competitive teams.

This year, they managed more team participation with support from India, UK, USA, South Africa, France, Germany, Guam and Japan.

Source: PALS Thailand website  Thanks to Jojo Yeoh.  Video: Youtube

10. 8. 2013
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