Paintball Rulers Northeast of Toronto, Canada

The fact that Canada is a Paintball paradise is already well known. It is possible to play almost everywhere. Just for example, there are at least 10 large playing fields situated around Toronto alone. This time we introduce one of the oldest Paintball facilities right from the Toronto area. Over the years they have organized hundreds of team scenarios and hosted large corporate groups including manufacturing facilities, branches and plants. Combat Zone are entering into their 31st season of operation in spring 2014!
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Combat Zone Outdoor Paintball has been in operation since 1984. It is a Paintball team specialising in private events. Their field exclusively hosts private paintball games which is suited for corporate and other group events. They plan their games according to your group. You can choose to challenge your team with strategy oriented games like Recon, go for the classic Call of Duty play out, have some fun in a bunny suit or all of the above. The list of games includes more than 20 names, some of them quite strange … The bunny must die, Escort the Diplomat, Find the Downed Pilot, The Alamo, Mercenaries or War of 1812.

Combat Zone fields offer over 100 acres of land containing 7 different playing fields with barricades, woods, scrub and sand bunkers, oil drums, fox holes and the like to give you all the space you need to out run your opponents or catch them.

Full day sessions include a minimum of 8 games. Combat Zone operate from April to December each year.

Combat Zone are located just north east of Whitby, just 50 minutes drive from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Find the place on the map of Locations...

Contacts: Phone: (+1) 905 642 1922

Source: Combat Zone Paintball website and FB profile. Thanks to Jim Patterson. All images are property of Combat Zone Paintball. Video: Youtube  Text: Thomas


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