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ENGADINSNOW is one of the longest-running freeride competitions in the Alps. Apart from its long tradition, this event classic has always been all about innovation: it is the world’s only parallel freeride event. Teams of two riders will ride simultaneously the Corvatsch north face and compete with other teams - after each heat, the winning team qualifies for the next round.

At this exciting knockout format, the judges will not only reward the difficulty of the line and the airs as well as a fluid riding style, but also the overall impression of both riders together. That’s why snowboarders and skiers have to rethink their normal strategies: they have to show a great line for themselves but also convince the judges together with their team partner.

"It's been a waiting game but today was the day we all have been waiting for and we didn't get disappointed - watch the action the boys and girls been putting on display on this epic day of competion ! Big shout out to all the film crew which been capturing all the amazing footage! This is only a small selection which been put together in this highlight clip of what went down today and there is more to come!" (Source)


Results of ENGADINSNOW 2021




Text and photo: quattro media GmbH

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