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Insane Snowboard Trick - BS Triple Rodeo

How hard is it to do a backside rodeo on a snowboard? Not an easy task if you ask. And what about triple! Backside rodeo is by no means easy trick to learn, but once you get it done, it's something truly special. Before trying one you really need to be confident in backflips, backside 540’s and have a good aerial awareness. Nevertheless, pulling out a triple backside rodeo takes a lot of courage. Dutch wonder kid Max van Helvoort sure has plenty!
5. 3. 2014

Another unknown kid called Max van Helvoort from Netherland landed a triple backside rodeo in the Flachauwinkl park in Austria. The Backside Rodeo is one of the most stylish tricks in snowboarding. Performed by flipping backwards over the heel edge (in the direction of travel) while spinning backside, usually 540 or more. Not many dare to perform such a trick. Despite not being the first though, this is still pretty crazy. British snowboarder Billy Morgan nailed it first in 2011, in the Keystone, Colorado park.

You won't see many snowboarders pulling out the triple backside rodeo very often. In fact, Max and Billy are the only ones who have ever done it so far. Watch it to the end.

5. 3. 2014

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