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Ski-Hopping Alaska´s Peaks with Dean Cummings - Heli Skiing Paradise

Wondering where the biggest ski area in the world is? Well, we´ve got an idea for you. Forget the chair lifts, cableways and ropes at all. Wanting to ski from the best slopes in the world requires you to go beyond. The area we are going to introduce you can be clearly called one of the largest skiing terrains worldwide. And to manage to use them all and fully enjoy, we´ll fly by helicopter.
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We invite you to helicopter ski or board in the Chugach range with the company with the highest level of experience and ability to access the most terrain of any operator available. recommends services of H2O Guides.

Your 1 day will feature 6 runs averaging a total of 20,000 vertical feet and expansive views of cragged peaks and hidden glaciers. Your guide will lead you to runs that challege your technical abilities while also discussing decision making in big mountain terrain.

Dean Cummings

A pioneer of Alaskan helicopter skiing, Dean is the owner, operator and head guide of H2O Guides.  His experience and diligence in developing the highest standards in guiding and education have allowed him to secure permits on the largest tract of heli-ski terrain in North America and build his dream of sharing adventures in the unspeakably beautiful Chugach Range of Alaska with the world.The last 22 years of guiding in Alaska have given Dean an intimate knowledge of the snowpack and mountains, and coupled with his vision and commitment to guiding, have led Dean to found several education programs for both guides, and the general public.

Their guests know that their guiding protocols are leading the standard for remote operations and that helicopter skiing and heli boarding with H2O Guides is unsurpassed. From the moment you first see the Chugach Mountains on your flight into Valdez to your first turn, a trip to H2O Guides will change the way you look at skiing and boarding forever.

H2O Guides operates under special permits from the Chugach National Forest and Bureau of Land Management. 

A short 45 minute flight from Anchorage is the easiest way to get to Valdez (ERA Aviation). The second option is a 5 hour drive by Glenn Highway (3) around the mountain range and then switch to Richardson Hwy (4) south, to Valdez.

Contacts: P.O. Box 2501, Valdez, AK 99686, USA  Tel. 907-835-8418 For more information go to:

Source: H2O Guides website  Thanks to Josh Cooley. All images are property of H2O Guides.  Video: Youtube

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