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Snowskate madness - Ambition team on the road

For those who don't know what snowskate is, make sure to check this out. It's a hybrid between a skateboard and a snowboard, intended primarily to allow for skateboard-style tricks on the snow. In this article guys from Ambition snowskates share their first team trip to Detroit. Don't forget to check out the video edit at the end in slow-motion!
27. 2. 2014

On January 2nd, part of the ambition team left for Detroit to meet up with fellow riders for 1 week of snowskate madness. After 12 hours of driving from Sherbrooke to the Pure state of Michigan, all were reunited in what was sure to be a great start to the 2013 winter season. Pizza and pop were what awaited our friends when the ambition truck rolled into Dave's driveway. The trip, surely, had had a promising beginning.

Ambition team

After a night's rest, and despite having watched scary documentaries about Detroit's collapse, the crew went to the infamous Hart Plaza for the trip's first session. Following a quick warm-up on one of the plaza's smaller gaps, the boys were ready to whip out the cameras and get the action rolling. Already, by 2 pm, a good number of tricks had been stomped on obstacles within the plaza. Out-ledges, gaps and many pads were Ambition's for the taking. The guys ended their first session of the trip with a treat - America's best Chili Dog, as prepared by Lafayette Coney Island.

The night session that followed was at a platform that was seemingly placed in the middle of nowhere. Guard-rails setup at an angle were approached from the side in order to attempt keys and variations on one of snowskate's timeless tricks: the much loved backside boardslide. Other riders decided to trick over the obstacle instead, and Phil Moreau did a fs 180 which's level of steez pretty much ended the session. With more than 10 good clips logged on the first day, Detroit was proving to be a very generous city.

Day two's mission was riding the spots found in a plaza surrounding an abandoned school - the maybe haunted Pontiac High School. A nice and long painted rail, an oversized stair set and two perfect seven stairs (which were very doable in a line) ended up being the focus of the session. Needless to say, good times were had and sick shots were filmed. The crew celebrated with a night of Asian Buffet feasting and fun laid-back riding.

Our last day of part one of Ambition's Detroit 2013 trip was spent in Anne Arbor. There was a perfect handrail that allowed Dave to film tricks that had never before been seen on a rail like this. We were all super hyped and decided to film some funky clips to celebrate. To finish the day, we found a really nice spot on our way to Kalamazoo city. A huge gap as well as a 10 stair set were hit and the results were fantastic. The first leg was done, we were all ready for another 3 days of riding.

spot checking

Source: , text and photos: Josh Seguin

And here's a bonus edit from our good friend Adam Shomsky, thanks for the great edit.

27. 2. 2014

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