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One inch Dreams is a team of nine slackliners from Germany who participate in various projects; workshops, shows, researches but most importantly they are constantly pushing their slacklining boundaries, breaking world records, performing latest tricks, challenging new locations traveling the world. The team is Alexander Schultz, Johannes Olszewski, Anatlij Maltsev, Mirko Prohaska, Clemens Augustin, Marinus Spatzier, Niklas Winter, Freidi Kuhne and Armin Popa. You must have surely heard of those guys. If you thought slacklining can't be creative then check out this: Alex Schultz, the highline, waterline, and Polyester longline world record breaker had a dinner. What is so creative about it? Well, it wasn't an ordinary dinner although he and his date sat at the table. Find out more from the man himself on how the idea of "eating in the sky" came about.
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Actually the man from Primus (innovative outdoor cooking eqiupment) was the first to imagine something like that, however, he was thinking of a line five meters above the ground. But we, on the other hand, thought, if we want to do it, we might as well do it properly. So we drove to Samerberg near Rosenheim to realize our plan at a crazy highline spot high far above the ground.

To be more precise, I myself went there on my own on Wednesday and Thursday to prepare the whole action. For that I lugged 200 kilograms material up onto the mountain and drilled a new line. When on the second evening I had just finished drilling and Hannes and Clemens had just arrived at the spot, there was a bad surprise: the hunter in charge of that area appeared and explained to us that drilling rocks was prohibited and told us to stop whatever we had been doing. And he added we would be reported and fined. Luckily, he gave in after we had been talking to him for a while and announced that we would have to expect a fine the next time. That same evening I picked up my girl-friend Tereza from the train station. She had traveled all the way from Praque for this event.

We had planned for the action to take place on Saturday. However, rigging a space line with four lines coming together was a lot more complicated than we had thought, especially as some of the people involved hadn't been at the preparatory meetings and so had no clue what exactly had to be done. The main problem showed when we were tightening the lines: 2 of the lines slipped together so that there was a triangle instead of the quadrangle planned. Correcting that took us almost half a day. That is why the Space Line was only finished on Sunday ready to be equipped with a table. Yes, that's right. We put up a table on the Space Anchor in order to cook our dinner. 

It was a bit wobbly at first, but after some time we got used to it and enjoyed the fabulous view we had while we were preparing and eating our meal. We fried a yummy trout with potatoes and freshly-picked herbs on our new Primus cooker. The wine picked by Johannes tasted delicious with it and gladly remained standing on the table. After the dinner I walked the most beautiful of all lines in both directions realizing that in case I fell and caught the line, Tereza would fall into the leash together with the table and everything on it. Yet, all went well and so we left the spot filled with unique memories and enjoying another beautiful sunset.

Many thanks to all people involved who made this unique and wonderful experience possible.


All images are courtesy of One inch Dreams; Copyrights applied. 


3. 5. 2014
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