German Slackline Innovators Duo - Calm Heights from Dresden

Landcruising Slackline has been initiated and fostered by two passionate German slackliners - Damian Jörren and Stefan Junghannss. They both quickly discovered the potential of slacklining in its multifaceted character. They began on a sportive level to search for new challenges, did many first sets of various highline, waterline and longline milestones. At the same time they realized the wish to spread their vision of slacklining and to implement their own product ideas. With this in mind, the two founded the Landcruising Slackline Solutions in autumn 2007.
20. 7. 2013 is glad to present you one of the best Slackline teams in the world. Landcruising Slackline founders credo has always been „ … to flow over the land in a relaxed way and to be in harmony with the nature and yourself.“ Together they developed training methods, set up designs, tightening methods and pushed the material to its limits so that it wasn´t corresponding with their needs anymore. Finally, they have taken the things in their own hands and began to develop and manufacture slackline stuff on their own. The know-how and the experience from their sportive achievements was key factor in the development of their products. A need is followed by an idea and the process of several tests and product optimizations, which leads to the final product. Therefore they create unique products with attention to the detail.

In addition to Landcruising Slackline´s  innovative products, Landcruising stands for an alternative platform to the slackline community. They publish high class images, videos and designs, and offer professional event support and expert training both for the beginners and professionals. Landcruising Slackline´s principles are based on the corporate social responsibility for sustainable action in  the context of  social, environmental and economic concerns. They give their best to reconcile these principles with the growth of the company. They see themselves in an inter-generational contract regarding the environment and the society in which they live. The vivid nature is an important asset, its preservation is their goal.

Go to see Landcruising Slackline great selection of photos and videos at:

Contact: Meschwitzstr. 15 , 01099 Dresden , Germany 

Source: Landcruising Slackline website   Thanks to Damian Jörren for permission.  All images are property of Landcruising Slackline.  Copyright strictly applied.  Video:  Youtube  Text:  Thomas

20. 7. 2013
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