Highlining Between Hot Air Balloons without Safety Line

Probably the most famous highliner Andy Lewis slacklines between two hot air balloons at 4000 feats above Nevada Desert without safety line. Do you remember the French group calling themselves the Skyliners wrote about? They had tried it before Andy but failed the exam. Didn't we say it was only a matter of time somebody will successfully attempt it again? Well, Andy did.
26. 5. 2014

Andy isn't complete nutter he has a parachute on in case he slips however, walking this 4000 feet highline is still breathtaking. Andy is known for pushing highlining to the next level and this act has proved enough he is one of the best's slackliners out there.

"It felt amazing to be on the line, it was very free and incredibly exposed. I will have a lot of self-doubt before I walk the line but the nerves turned into excitement and the excitement turned into focus and I love walking when it's a challenge the most," Lewis said after the crossing.

Watch Andy successfully rounding his line off with free falling off the rope parachuting to the ground.

26. 5. 2014
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