Make Lines, Not War

Not every video must be full of the best tricks, highest or longest lines. And for that I love the one from the recent highline meeting in Monte Piana. The event was born in 2012 from the friendship of two highliners Alessandro d‘Emilia, and Armin Holzer whose aim was to invite professional people and enthusiasts from all around the world who would like to try slacking. This September, more than 350 highliners from 20 countries participated in this friendly event. Apart from a new highline world record (more on that later on, there was a hammock rainbow created to experience Monte Piana in different perspective than what it's been renown for 100 years ago; in peace and friendship. And that's what our sports are about.
7. 11. 2015 Comments: 0

Stay tuned for more slacklining videos!

7. 11. 2015 Comments: 0
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