Samba Slackline - Diogo Fernando Blockwel, Brazil

Diogo Fernando Blockwel may soon become a rising slacklining star. This young Brazilian is one of the brightest examples that via, even completely unknown sportsman can dazzle the world within literally a few hours. Just to give you an idea, in May, we supported three videos from sections MTB, Skydiving and Climbing, where each of them managed to reach more than 30 000 viewers in just one day! Send Diogo Fernando´s video around the world. It simply deserves it.
17. 6. 2014

Watch an incredible slacklining video from Brazil. For newsroom, honestly, one of the best we have ever seen. Send Diogo Fernando´s video around the world, and even better, send around the world your OWN video. With, its going to be in 6 languages, on all web channels, all mobile applications and most of social networks!

17. 6. 2014
Tags Slackline

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