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Slacklining is a fun, outdoor balance-activity that’s rapidly growing in popularity. Originating in the climbing world in the early seventies, slacklines have evolved from climbing rope or webbing to a category of unique equipment specialized for slacking. Most notable are the now readily available 2-inch slackline kits with ratchets to tighten and secure. Two-inch style slacklines have made the once exclusive activity accessible to everyone and launched a new extreme sport.
6. 3. 2015

Slackline Industries (SI) is a brand that supports the entire spectrum of slacklining through their product line of traditional 1-inch webbing, beginner 2-inch kits and advanced 2-inch slacklines made of trampoline material known as tricklines. SI sponsors professional athletes who compete worldwide executing freestyle tricks on these trampoline-style slacklines.

On October 1, 2014, Slackline Industries officially began as the premier brand in slacklining with products to support users in all styles and at all levels. “SI is dedicated to innovation through research and development of high-quality, safe products that encourage environmental responsibility and provide value to the consumer,” says CEO Ricardo Bottome. SI kits boast True Length, included Tree Protection and Safety Backup Systems as key components demonstrating their mission statement, “Putting our Values on the Line.” SI products are available online and in thousands of retail doors nationwide with International distribution already beginning in 12 countries thus far.

Toru Osugi at Teva Mountain Games in Vail (now GoPro Mountain Games)

“We plan to continue growing the sport and building the community of users through our elite-level competitions and programs for schools, parks, fitness and rec centers,” says Marketing Director, Jaime Pletcher. “SI sponsors several of the top-ranking athletes worldwide who will travel to compete in our signature events like the GoPro Mountain Games and Dominion River Rock, as well as other, new events being added to the calendar this year.”

Although SI is a new name in the industry, the experience of the team and success achieved in such a short time has the brand poised to become the name leading the slackline market. Speaking of names, we asked CEO Ricardo Bottome, “How did the company settle on the name Slackline Industries?” He replied, “We knew we didn’t want to launch just another brand of slackline, we wanted to create a company that sets the standard in testing, developing safety guidelines and supporting the sport in many other ways beyond offering product. We felt the name Slackline Industries spoke to the broader promotion of slacklining  we provide through sponsoring athletes, hosting competitions, building parks and developing educational programming to validate it as a healthy activity, fitness tool and sport all its own.”

To find out more about Slackline Industries, visit  or contact the main office at 385 S. Pierce Avenue Suite D, Louisville, CO 80027 by email, or phone, 303-443-0163.

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6. 3. 2015
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