Slackline World Champion 2011

On Saturday 22nd of October, the 2. Slackline World Championship 2011 by KIKU took place in the course of the International Mountain Summit in Brixen. The origins of slacklining can be found in mountain sports. Back in the 1970ies, climbers balanced on guard rails to improve their body control.
27. 10. 2011

Slacklining is a sport that requires good coordination, balance and concentration at the same time. The slackliners present unique combinations of difficult jumps. The eight world’s best slackliners competed in the K.O. mode and demonstrated their skills in front of 1,300 enthusiastic visitors. Their shows were evaluated by an international jury that consisted of experienced slackliners. Each athlete had 2 minutes to present his show. Once a slackliner falls of the line or jumps off, the stage is open to the next artist. The jury assessed the performance considering style, creativity, technique, amplitude and commitment.

The excitement reaches its peak in the big final. Andy Lewis, who is again the overall World Cup winner, challenged Michael Payton to a duel. It was Michael Payton who came off as a winner and thus is awarded the title 2. Slackline World Champion in the history of this sport.

27. 10. 2011
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