The Balloon Highline - Extreme Slackline Between Balloons

Yes, you see correctly. One line, two balloons. Hot-air balloons. The Ballon Highline is a brand new and so far the boldest project of the French group called Skyliners. Check out their new video in which the Skyliners try to cross the slackline between the two hot-air balloons. There is no need to worry about their lives as all the athletes slackline with a parachute on their back. They failed for the first time to go the sixteen meter line, but bear in mind that this is only the beginning.
7. 2. 2014 Photos: 3

This time, it was quite difficult for us to choose the right section in which to place the video. Slackline or Ballooning? And if you find this movie piece a bit familiar, you are right. The producers and some protagonists are the same as in the case of highline transition between the cable car cabins that you could see in one of our previous Posts on This group of artists, slackliners, gliders and basejumpers has already quite a few perfect films in its storage such as „I belive I can Fly“ or „Bus Petit Rouge“.

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7. 2. 2014
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