This Could Have Been the Longest Highline Ever Sent

Swiss slackliner and Swiss Champion in slacklining Samuel Volery has been known as one of the most active slackers out there. He does everything: tricks, longline, highline, waterline, tight rope. You might still remember his epic slacklining in Noli where he and his team (Samuel is one of the two founders of Slacktivity, Swiss producer of slackline gear) absolutely killed it. Always up for pushing the limits, Samuel and the rest of his crew set up the world’s longest highline between two Churfirsten-Summits - the Zuestoll and Schibenstoll. The line was 537 meters long......
12. 9. 2015

After managing to rig the 537m long highline and a promising first day trying to break the world record, an announced thunderstorm forced the team to withdraw to the basecamp.
When the clouds cleared and the sun showed itself again, the team discovers an unpleasant surprise - the line is gone - cut by a lightning stroke. Check out what might have been the world record highline ever set. But I have a hunch that Sam and crew will be back soon.......

12. 9. 2015
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