Transalp Waterline Tour #5 – Slackline Extravaganza above the Water

Swiss Slackline, the umbrella organization of the Swiss Slackline Associations, organizing the Transalp Waterline Tour hit the road once again to take us to the most beautiful waterline spots Switzerland has to offer. The fifth season kicks off on 1st September in Bern to round off on the 7th in Flims. We can look forward to a world record attempt of over 300 meters (1000 ft) and more as over a hundred slackliners from Switzerland and Europe are heading to Bern, the biggest slackline festival in the country to crank the tour up.
26. 8. 2014

The Transalp Waterline Tour starts directly after the Bern City Slack, which is the biggest Swiss slackline festival (29.-31.August) in the country, and visits the most beautiful waterline spots in Switzerland for the fifth time already. It starts out with waterlines over the Aare in Berne and continues via Sion and the Gotthard pass (2100 meters above sea level) to Flims. Each stop offers the possibility of rigging up to 20 lines. There will be everything: from novice lines starting at 15 meters (~45 ft) up to the world record attempt in Flims with a length of over 300m (1000 ft).

Jérémy Thétaz on a Space Waterline in Wallis

Thomas Spöttl on a 105m long Waterline close to Sion, Wallis

Over 100 slackliners from Switzerland and all over Europe have already signed up for the 5th Transalp Waterline tour. All participants will be traveling together from spot to spot, by car or public transportation. Depending on the weather the nights will be spent on campgrounds, in cars, tents, hammocks or simply in a sleeping bag under the stars.

The Transalp Waterline Tourstops:

Bern – Monday, 1st of September

Lines will be rigged over the Aare river at different locations along the river. The city offers a breath-taking setting for the slackliners, skillfully balancing on their synthetic webbings.

Sion – Tuesday and Wednesday, 2nd and 3rd of September

On Tuesday morning the tour continues to Sion. Several waterlines will be rigged over the idyllic lake called Les Iles, which is right at the foot of the Alps. The slackliners stay on the campground, which is right next to the spot, until the 4th of September.

Gotthard pass – Thursday and Friday, 4th and 5th of September

Several ice-cold lakes, sometimes even framed with snow, are waiting to be rigged with waterlines, 2100 meters above sea level – a wetsuit is recommended against the cold. The slackliners will continue to Flims in the evening of the 5th of September.

Flims – Saturday and Sunday, 6th and 7th of September

The beautiful Cauma Lake in Flims is going to be rigged with a bunch of waterlines, including a water-space line, where three lines are connected in the middle. It is also in Flims, where the waterline world record attempt will take place.

The most beautiful locations, the best slackliners, one world record attempt and breath taking imagery – the 5th Transalp Waterline Tour, form the 1st to the 7th of September 2014, promises all of this. Directly after the tour many will travel to the Dolomites to visit the highline festival on the Monte Piana. Never have there been as many slackline festivals and active slackliners as in 2014. The sport is on the rise. Keep it slack!

Photos: © Nicolas Sedlatchek -, copyrights applied.

Transalp Waterline Tour 2013 Video


26. 8. 2014
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