Tricks of Luke the Skywalker - Top Slackline by Lukas Irmler

Lukas Irmler is a German professional slackline athlete, artist and consultant. He holds several world´s slacklining records. He has pushed the European longline record over 400 meters in 2013. He has pioneered a number of slackline tricks and combinations, including this year´s First Luke Skywalker Highline. Lukas is also one of the best slackline show performers participating in many events all around the globe. proudly presents Lukas Irmler as one of the best slackliners in the world.
16. 8. 2013

Slackline has completely changed his life since he first stepped on it in 2006. Slacklining quickly became more than just his hobby. It developed into his sport, passion and finally became his profession in 2011. After finishing his Bachelor of Science in 2011 he decided to dedicate his life completely to his passion - Slacklining. Since then he was able to travel the world, realizing his dreams and sharing his passion and knowledge with others.

Lukas about: The Longest European Longline

“You need a long webbing, which is not easy to get at all. You need the perfect spot, you need good weather and finaly you need good friends to rig the line with. It is not simply the achievment of one singe person, but rater a group efford and its the best feeling if all the people being part of the adventure get their shot. So i was really happy that Julian Mittermaier was able the walk the line even before me. So we could celabrate a new European Longline Record together. This adventure will be part of a new documentary we are currently working on. It will be finished in summer 2013 and show the life as a professionall slackliner.”

The Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, a trick which has been considered impossibe but still attempted for over 10 years by many talented Slackliners. Yet it hasn´t been landed, not even close to that, before Lucas committed some hard training days working on that single move. To overcome it, you have to jump of the Line sideways and swing around the Highline one time and then try to land back on the Slackline. Its the first Highline-trick involving the leash.

Lukas about the Trick:

“So I started a new age of Highline-tricks by landing this trick as the first person. It took me several days, many attempts and many hard falls untill i fnally landed back on the line. It felt so soft and natural when it finally happened and i needed to see the video to really believe I did it! I feel comfortable that this trick will be possible on a consistent basis, as I can land on the line with my feet almost every time. Its just about staying back on, pretty much the same game as in the early times of doing backflips on the trickline! Cheers to a new age of Highline-tricks.”

Dear Lukas, we wish you much more new tricks and records and all the best !

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Source: Lukas Irmler website and FB profile Thanks Lukas for permission. All images are property of Lukas Irmler and his cooperating photographers. Copyrights strictly applied. Video: Youtube

16. 8. 2013
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