Trolls´ Highline - First Ever Troll Rocks Slackline, Iceland

According to the old Icelandic legend, the Troll Rocks are remnants of trolls that were out fishing too late (trolls turn to stone if they're exposed to daylight). The power of the spell lasts to this day and will, for sure, affect also the success of a unique project of the Czech team of slackliners. Their plan includes a classical style climbing the Troll towers and stringing them with 4-5 lengths of webbing measuring from 30 to 100 meters. Not only the idea of maximum originality, but also promising produce great photos and videos from the forgotten, mysterious corner of our planet.
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Troll Rocks (Reynisdrangar in Icelandic) rock formations are still unclimbed basalt pillars sticking out of the Atlantic Ocean waters, situated under the Reynisfjall mountain near the village of Vík í Mýrdal in southern Iceland. Brilliantly scenic basalt stacks poke out of water approximately 200 m from the shore. The place is actually the southernmost point of the island, which lies about 185 km (115 miles) southeast of Reykjavík. Find the place on the map of Locations...

Through you can be with them, when the Czech athletes launch the world's first attempt of fixing the highline on the Troll Rocks towers. In the extreme Icelandic climatic conditions (sea temperature is around 4 °C, air around 10 °C), with the Troll Rocks area being probably the wettest place of Iceland, the group of 5 Czechs aims to walk all the established lines at a height of almost 70 meters (230 ft).

The expected lines should be:  1. – 30m, 2. – 50m, 3. – 65m,  4. - 100m and the longest possible, line 5. - 120m. Scheduled date of the expedition is July 3-18, 2014. Taking into account that the possibility of climbing on these rock formations is very limited, it is necessary to say that the expedition received special permission from the Icelandic authorities. Team members from the project´s official website are the best Czech slacklining athletes Anna Kucharova, Danny Mensik, Petr Peeto Kucera, Lukas Cerny and Petr Vorisek.

With the magical aura of this place and the very experienced team of slackliners who thus fulfill their long time dream, the expedition teeters on the edge of the top sport, land art and ancient legends´ legacy. Well, the first Iceland Highline Expedition, we keep our fingers crossed!

Video : Czech slackline team

team video from kletterkiddies on Vimeo.


20. 5. 2014
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