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Czech-Slovak-Polish cave diving expedition in Sardinia succeeded on Sunday, October 6, when discovering many years sought connection between the extensive Bue Marino cave system and Su Molente caves. Combining the two cave systems have opened the real chance of discovering Italy's longest cave system, which is now divided by just one, the last route connection – link between the cave Su Palu and Su Spirite.
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The revelation follows the successful achievement of the group from the last year, when they have found the beginning of the route below the Codula di Luna valley.

After the four divers (Dan Hutnan, Miroslav Manhart, Martin Hones and Pavel Strnad) managed to escape troubles with transport of materials to distant parts of the southern branch of Bue Marino, the two of them (Hutnan, Menhart) continued throughout the recently discovered siphon Martin until the new unexplored parts of the system. After several hours of demanding passage through dry and flooded parts of Bue Marina, the cavers duo had emerged in the familiar areas of Su Molente. The event lasted for 12 hours.

Grotta del Bue Marino is a karst cave that you can find on the east coast of the Golfo di Orosei in Sardinia. It is typical for the emerald lakes and large cave rooms full of charming games of water and light. The cave is accessible either by walking routes or by sea from the town of Cala Gonone. Find the place on the map of Adrex.com Locations...     

Source: Speleoaquanaut website ( only in Czech)  www.speleoaquanaut.cz

9. 10. 2013
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