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Arachnocampa Luminosa, The Glowworm of New Zealand is one of several fungus gnat species typical for its luminescent larvas. Their shining lights on your trip can become one of the valuable contributions of your excellent caving adventure in the North Island of the New Zealand. The most famous NZ´s place of work of these gnats can be found in Waitomo Caves. An extensive area of limestone rocks and formations of Waitomo offers an easily accessible caving system.
24. 9. 2013

The Waitomo Glowworm Karst Caves were first explored in 1887. The system of caves has become the big tourist attraction since. Along with the large limestone formations and glow-worms it also offers a network of more difficult caves for experienced and adventurous cavers. A large number of others karst caves are found also throughout the whole Waitomo district.

The cave system of Waitomo consists of two main floors, both full of stalactite and stalagmite displays. The upper floor is rather dry and includes the entrance to the cave, and formations known as the Catacombs, the Pipe Organ and the Banquet Chamber. The lower level consists of many Waitomo River water stream passages and the Cathedral (40 meters high chamber), which ceilings are dotted with the lights of thousands of glowworms. The levels offer one of the world’s longest commercial caving abseil of 100 meters - 330 ft (can take fifteen minutes).

Once down you embark on a journey back to the surface through a spectacular dry cavern and the massive vaults of the lost world. Before climbing up a 30 metre ladder to get to the surface, you will stop and turn off your headlights to find yourself among glow-worms. The glow worm, Arachnocampa, is unique to New Zealand. You will emerge knowing that you have seen one of New Zealand’s most interesting sights.

Black Water Rafting

And for those looking for something really special in caving? There is also a unique opportunity to try about 3 hours of the Black Water Rafting through the caves. This activity, a water roller coaster ride - an amazing experience - involves the use of an inflated rubber inner tube as a flotation device on the currents flowing through cavern tunnels created over millions of years.

First Light Travel

First Light Travel is the NZ´s adventure travel company of Brent Narbey and Nigel Williamson. Both founders are passionate about travel and promoting New Zealand as a superb tourist destination, but wanted to do something different from the traditional type of travel - unique itineraries that offered the best activities and experiences New Zealand had to offer, with an educational and cultural element. Their team emphasizes quality services and cooperates with the most experienced guides in the area. Adrex.com recommends First Light Travel guidance.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves are located over 2 hours south of Auckland and 1 hour south of Hamilton. The caves are situated some 8 km along Waitomo Caves Road, that you can reach from the State Highway nr 3.

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24. 9. 2013
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