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Via Ferratas around Dachstein Mountain, Salzkammergut, Austria

A few days ago, you could see a nice´s video tempting to an attractive Austrian Salzkammergut region, which offers excellent terrain for both lovers of MTB and Via ferratas. The area gives an ideal combination for spending a perfect outdoor sports holiday. Today, we bring you a few tips on several ferrata routes around Bad Ischl. Ferratas have all sorts of difficulty and character, confirming the diversity and richness of this area. The spot is located near Salzburg, under the majestic Dachstein Mountain range.
29. 7. 2014


Ferrata is located in the area of the beautiful mountain lake Gosau, about 1000 meters above sea level. It actually starts only a few meters above the water level of the lake. This ferrata is not any special mountain challenge, but rather experiential one, which you´d really enjoy. The start is under the road, which way leads the first part of the secured way. It is about just a meter above the amazingly clear water that you transcend the horizontal traverse, often only in the rock without any iron cramps. Of course, with a belay rope. Although just a few meters above the water level, the traverse gives quite airy feeling.

At the end of the traverse you get to a steel rope ladder by which you get across the road and reach the smooth plate part. While on the plate with number of steel pins, you make arc to the left. There is need to come a bit down there. The following is an exposed rope bridge: one rope for hands and the second for legs. Thus there´s need to cross over the pedestrian path for about 30 meters. The final section of the bench with a summit book and a peak that serves as a perfect reward and offers beautiful views of the Gosau Lake and surrounding peaks. Ferrata is finished by descent to the starting path.

Access: From Bad Ischl hit road 145 and then 166  direction Hallstatt and the village of Gosau. From Gosau take road (L 1291) to the lake Vorderer Gosausee. You can park your car next to the lake and walk (about 10 minutes ) along the left side of the lake. Find the exact position of the place on the map of Locations...


Beautiful, popular and relatively simple via ferrata called HTL Wels leads to the summit cross on the top of Alberfeldkogel (1707 m). Due to its higher altitude it boasts the magnificent mountain setting of limestone cliffs and alpine meadows. A very photogenic ferrata leads along the edge (ridge) directly to the interesting summit decorated with a „European“ cross, which is referred to as the "Center of Europe". Although a vertical distance is only some 140 meters, due to the fact that the whole mountain group is located about a mile above the valley, it offers a perfect view during the entire climbing. The hardest section (C) is a chimney-corner in the first part of the output. For its natural beauty and great views, the ferrata is quite popular and busy, so watch out for falling rocks and sometimes get ready to queue!

Access: from the village of Ebensee (Kohlstatt). Park your car at the Feuerkogel-Seilbahn cable car and continue up either by the cable car (only 40 minutes) or by foot up the steep incline (about 2 hours). To get to the beginning of the ferrata, it is necessary to descend near the top of the mountain trough (beware of snow in the spring!). Find the exact ferrata position on the map of Locations...


A perfect three hundred meter ferrata that you will really enjoy! The route is located on the wall directly above the picturesque town of Hallstatt (UNESCO), which is associated with Hallstatt Lake. Via ferrata begins with a ladder, which will lead you into other lighter passages. The rock is extensively covered with vegetation, which can be a trouble especially in rainy days when the bottom of ferrata gets wet and muddy. Anyway, the upper part is worth it! First you get surprised with a panoramic ladder that leads you in a free space and offers a perfect view of the city and the lake.

The subsequent traverse heads to the most difficult part of the route (D): angle traverse left and smooth stove top. This section can bypassed from the right - easier option (B / C). At the end we still have a ladder and plate. Then just traverse up the forest directly to the stylish pub with a view! What more can one imagine :)  And as a bonus, you can pay visit to the salt mines that gave the name to the whole area. Enjoy Salzkammergut!

Access: From Hallstatt you have to get towards "cable car", walk around the entrance a bit further and turn left into the forest (indicator). Then walk the path directly towards the entering ladder. Find the exact ferrata position on the map of Locations...

Photos and Coverage by Marek Jedlicka 

See also Johann Via Ferrata location on the map of Locations...

29. 7. 2014

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