Aling Gorges - Marvellous Canyons of Bali, Indonesia

Aling Gorges is a canyon located in northern part of Bali Island in Indonesia. Thanks to its incredible colourful scenery, fabulous diversity and overall magical atmosphere it is one of the most beautiful publicly accessible canyons in the world. Sandwiched between, very close to Bali rice fields and so far away from modern life once you get into it, Aling Gorges offers enough thrill even for the most demanding canyoneers.
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Aling Gorges was explored and opened to public in 2012 by the Adventure and Spirit Indonesian canyoning team. It is a marvel of Balinese nature that even words or images are not enough to describe the magic and incredible atmosphere all along the descent. It is a canyon with plenty of water, lots of swimming, straight volcanic gorges and also bats waiting for your visit to fly between the gorges. The descent is full of jumps, wonderful rappels, the height of the last one is 40m, natural pools of crystalline water in a wild and unique environment. Find the place on the map of Locations...

The canyon is practicable jus few months a year (depending the raining season) for all beginners of 18 years of age minimum in excellent shape or autonomous Canyoneer. A total duration of 4h30-6h (depending on your ability level). No walk for the approach, and 15mns of intensive walk for the return. The closest village is Sambangan. Aling is a sporty descent, halfway between exploration, adventure and fun trip. Your day in Aling Gorges will be rich in adrenalin, emotions, beautiful landscapes and sporty spirituality.

Aling Gorges has been discovered by the team of Adventure & Spirit and is a must-see for all canyoning enthusiastic. recommends Adventure & Spirit guiding services as highly professional and one of the best in Asia.

Contacts: Adventure & Spirit, Jl Raya Mas N*62, 80 571 Mas – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Tel. + 62 361 971 288  To get more information about other canyons go to:

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