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Michael Denissot (Mika) is an ICOpro Head Training Master and CEO of Adventure and Spirit. In 1986, Mika started with caving, rock climbing and canyoning (inherited passion sport from his father, a speleolog from Gorges du Verdon in France). He has finally chosen canyonism to dealt with until now. The sport has opened him the door into a different dimension of his life.
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Michael Denissot

He explored canyons of Les gorge du Verdon – Alpen Maritim, Sierra de Guara – Cévennes – Haut Béarn and many other places in Europe. He has made his knowledge of canyoning techniques almost perfect throughout the years. Thanks also to the support of his friends and groups from different canyon teams. As an expatriate in Indonesia, Mika found no one doing canyoning there. The activity has not been known to local communities. That is the main reason why he spent his time searching and mapping the areas of Indonesia with potentially good conditions for canyoning. He built and trained a team and delivered knowledge about the sport itself. Mika worked for an export company before, besides doing his hobby: diving, surfing, and kite-surfing until he was pointed as an IKO-licensed kite surfing instructor. Now, he and his team is primarilly focused on the development of canyoning in Indonesia.

Adventure and Spirit are the main center of ICOpro ( and Mika Denissot is one of the principal founders of the Organization. is pleased to provide information on several Bali Canyons now and more in the future.

Kalimudah Canyon

Kalimudah canyon tour is funny and appropriate for discovering the activity of canyoning. It is located in north of Baliand practicable throughout the year. Jumps (one of 8m – optional), swim, natural water slides, rappels (15m maximum), in the second part of the canyon - wonderful sequences of plants-covered, volcanic rock and natural warm spring basins encountered at the end of the tour make Kalimudah a discovery and sporty descent with lots of fun. Canyon for everyone, children of 8 years of age minimum required. Descent: 2-3 hours, approach: 20mn’s walk, return: 10 mn’s walk. If you have never practiced canyoning before, Kalimudah is a good start to enjoy the Balinese canyons.

Kerenkali Canyon

Located in GitGit area, Kerenkali is the extension of Kalimudah canyon. Kerenkali is practicable throughout the year. It has 2 single parts: the first one is a sequence of jumps, water slides, short rappels with gorges made of volcanic rock, caves and tuff, sulphurate water basin coming out from the underground, a mix of fun and exploration for esthetic and thrills pleasure. The second part, sportier, enchanting rappel descents along waterfall (the highest is 20m), swim, jumps up to 10m (optional), floating. Kerenkali is a good choice for the beginners, 16 years of age minimum required in good shape and for autonomous enthusiastics. Descent: +/-4h , approach and return: 10mn’s walk.

Kirana Canyon

Kirana is a sportif canyon with water but can move extreme depending on the flow. Located in north of Bali, it is the extension of Kerenkali canyon. Mostly suitable for autonomous participants who are already experienced and want adrenalin. Ideal period is just few months after the raining season, not practicable during the rest of the year or for the expert only. Wonderful vertical descents with heavy water (one descent of more than 50m), hanging water pools, floating, jumps within a tropical and wild environment. Be prepared for endurance. Descent: 3-4h, approach: 10 mn’s walk, return: 20 mn’s walk. Watch the video beneath.

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