Canyoning Barranco de La Manta - Gran Canaria Canyons

The Canary Islands are literally perfect canyoning destination, which can be combined with a relaxing holiday. All the larger islands are offering several amazing canyoning adventures here. Some of reporters had the opportunity to explore and map almost a dozen of Canary Islands canyons. We will gradualy bring you the details of the visited spots. We start in Las Palmas, on the Gran Canaria Island.
6. 9. 2013

We start with the La Manta Canyon situated in the western part of Gran Canaria. To reach the canyon you must drive GC-200 southwest road switchbacks to its upper point (cross Barranco del Medio and Barranco de la Manta). You can park along the road here and then walk up the steep path for some 1.5 km to enter it. The canyon winds in the unforrested rocky area and consists of 7 pools. The four of canyon´s pools are deep enough for great jumps, 3 upper pools more than 5 m deep. There are 8 rappels (the last one is more than 50 meters !) The canyon overall difficulty is medium.

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6. 9. 2013
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