Canyons around Mont Blanc - Canyoning Trips from Chamonix, France

Chamonix is situated in the north-westerly part of the Alps, just 15 km from the Swiss border via the Col des Montets and 15 km from Italy via the Mont-Blanc tunnel. Cham' is a destination popular the world over, offering thousands of adventure possibilities. You can enjoy all kinds of outdoor sports here – including Canyoning, which wants to dedicate the schedule beneath. Guided by the most traditional and experienced company in the region we would like to invite you to the most popular canyons around Chamonix and Mont Blanc.
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Chalami Canyon

Located in the heart of the Valle d’Aosta, the Chalami canyon will fascinate you with its playful aspect, its turquoise waters and its maximum sunlight. Thanks to its clear waters it is an ideal place for taking underwater photos. It offers more than 10 waterfalls, up to 10 meters jumps into wide basins and 2 over 20 m abseils. The best time for visit is from July to September.

Gorge de la Diosaz

The Gorges de la Diosaz is the gorge of the La Diosaz torrent. It has its source on the south side of Mont Buet and is a side branch of the Chamonix valley. The canyon is above the gorge, which tourists come to see by raised walkway. Running 3.5km long, the Canyon de la Diosaz has over 20 waterfalls. The canyon route is best from the end of August till October. The water level is heavilly affected by weather.

Barberine Canyon

Approached past Vallorcine and against the Swiss border there is the canyon of Barberine. A hidden beautiful creek enjoys several waterfalls, some 5-6 meters jumps and max. 30 meters descent. The water level is under control thanks to a dam above the spot. It is in particular suitable for families and groups and needs only a 20 minute walk from the parking lot.

Cascade des Favrands

This is a local canyon. It starts from under the Plan d'Aiguille and descends for 1500m towards the valley floor. It's graded TD/2 (hard), is best in the autumn. It is used for ice climbing during the winter.

Angon Canyon

This canyon boasts one of the best abseils in the area falling almost 50 meters.

Cham’Aventure - Compagnie des Guides Voyages

Established in 1821, the Chamonix Guides’ Company is the oldest and largest guides’ association in the world.  Today, a total of 240 self- employed mountain guides and leaders work with the company. Passion and  professionalism have shaped and inspired their line of conduct until today,  always pushing them towards new alpine adventures worldwide.

Address: In Chamonix,  The  “Maison de la Montagne” . The Guides Company is open year-round. On the first floor of the old presbytery; one will find outdoor activity booking offices, with the French Ski-School in the winter, and the outdoor center Cham’Aventure  in the summer.  Tel. +33 (0)4 50 53 55 70

For more information go to:  or

Source:  Chamonix Mountain Guides Company website. Thanks to Anne Sophie. Text: Thomas  Video: Youtube

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