Glamorous Waterfalls of Nepal - Canyoning Trips from Kathmandu

Thanks to their overall high altitude and large quantities of water, most of Nepal´s rivers offer a great canyoning adventures. Explored and developed by the top French canyoneers in late 90´s, canyons in Nepal experience increasing demand from tourists. is about to bring you a detailed description of the best canyoning areas in Nepal. Today we begin with some examples of what you can taste here.
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Sundarijal Canyons 

The famous venue for Canyoning, Sundarijal is a scenic place which is situated in the Northern Part of Kathmandu Valley, just about 15 km northeast of the city. Sundarijal means a “beautiful Holy Water” where you can get both scenic and wild white waterfalls of the Bagmati River. Prepare yourself to negotiate with different grades of Canyoning, abseil five different pitches cascading through chilled water of the mid hill. The area boasts with Nepal´s most popular waterfalls, Sweet sixteen (pictured below) and Davis falls.

Bhotekoshi Canyons

Bhotekoshi Canyons - named after the river Bhote Koshi which originates in Tibet, China. The river flows through steep and deep gorges and joins the Sun Kosi, downstream from Barhabise. Its valley and canyoning spots are located about 2 hours drive from Kathmandu by Araniko Expressway.

Marsyangdi Canyons

The Marsyangdi is a river in central Nepal originating on Annapurna massif, that provides it with the world’s highest canyoning site at Naar Phu village (5200m). There are many other canyons in the area of Marsyangdi Valley, located 100 km northwest of Kathmandu, better accessible from Nepal´s second biggest city of Pokhara.

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