Gorgopotamos Canyon with Giorgos Andreou - Greek Canyoning Pioneer

Gorgopotamos Canyon is considered the most beautiful and technically demanding canyon in Greece. Its name derives from something like „the rushing river“ in Greek - exactly what canyoneers preach for. Its lower part is located only 15 km south of the city of Lamia in Central Greece, 2 hour drive north from Athens. With lots of pleasure, we have prepared a short article about the canyon and one of the most respected Canyoning teams in Europe. Let´s meet canyoneers from Volos.
6. 12. 2013

Although the history of modern Canyoning in Greece began in the mid 80´s, the first reported explorations of Greek canyons date back to 1978. The first gorges descents came from the French canyoneers who quickly became the inspiration for the first Greek adventurers. They started to organize Greek canyons explorations at the beginning of the nineties. In 1996 a company of four climbers from Volos attempted the descent of canyon in Othris mountain of Magnesia, Central Greece region.

One member of the group was Giorgos Andreou which has become totally addressed by Canyoning and has  since. Giorgos Andreou has been dealing with adventurous sports (mountaineering, speleology, MTB…) from 1986. He set up a big store of mountaineering equipment in Volos city and at the same time started to import equipment also for canyoning. 

Giorgos continued visits to various canyons throughout Greece until 1999, when (affected by taking part in the faculty of leader canyoning) he finally decided to obtain Canyoning guide certification. The Greek professional Canyoning was born.

Up to 2010 the team around Giorgos Andreou has organized explorations of more than 110 Greek canyons. In 2003, it found the E.S.E.F aiming at the exploration of Greek canyons, the organization of faculties and the distribution of canyoning all over Greece. In 2007 they published the first book-guide of Greek canyons, with the canyons of central Greece and in 2008 with the canyons of Samothrace.

Giorgos Andreou always appreciates the work and the offer of his collaborators, he respects their opinions and he contributes in the development of these. His main targets for the coming yaers are the growth of Canyoning in the Northern Greece and the exploration of unknown gorges in the Ipeirous. plays a leading part in the development of canyoning in Greece. Its team passion for the new canyons exploration and guidance is the main guarantee of quality. recommends services as highly professional.

Contacts: Giorgos Andreou, Iasonos 105, Volos, Central Greece  Tel. +30 6972662269  For more information go to:

Source: website and FB profile  Thanks to Giorgos Andreou. All images are property of  Copyrights applied.  Video: Youtube  Text: Thomas

6. 12. 2013
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