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Although lying on the edge of arid deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Jordan has a variety of beautiful canyons with running water and beautiful waterfalls. The most interesting canyons, „Wadis“ in Jordanian, are situated in the mountainous western part of the country as their waters are tributaries of the Dead Sea. Most reachable after a short, less than hour drive from Amman Airport (Queen Alia), the canyons offer year-round canyoneering trips.
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Wadi Al Karak

Wadi Al Karak trail is located between the village of Mumya at Karak and the Dead Sea. This hike takes you through a fascinating canyon. From Amman it is about an hour drive to Karak towards the trailhead next to the village of Mumya. You can try here a 15 km overnight adventure that takes you through a beautiful deep gorge full of water springs, hanging gardens, and a couple of waterfalls. The main fall offers a cool abseiling experience and is formed into three steps (7 m, 5 m & 30 m). During your Al Karak trip you can enjoy the hanging gardens, the springs, the dense wild mint bushes, huge hanging boulder, red-rock gorges, travertine caves and the 80 meter side waterfal. The trail ends at Ghor Al Mazra'a next to the Dead Sea.

Wadi Zarqa Ma'in

Wadi Zarqa Ma'in is located between the village of Ma'in and Ma'in Hot Springs, a 6km hike takes you through a black basalt canyon and a white limestone canyon with two impressive waterfalls to abseil (each fall is formed of two steps, 7m and 35m). Below each fall lies a splendid pool girded by travertine drapes. The trail ends at the Ma'in Hot Springs.

Wadi Himara

Wadi Himara (Donkey Valley) is about a 15 km trail going from 400m above see level to 240m below that. A water spring supplies the valley with a little water stream. It contains two 80m waterfalls passing by palm trees and hanging gardens of the valley.

Wadi Manshala

One of Jordan’s most beautiful hidden canyons. A series of waterfalls, little pools, and many water springs. Full of travertine drapes, ravines of crowded palm trees. Serious abseiling for Canyoning enthusiasts ( one waterfall over 50 meters). Camping for one night inside the Canyon is advised.

Terhaal Adventures

Terhaal Adventures is a local Jordanian inbound tour operator established in 2007, that specializes in adventure travel including hiking, biking and canyoning in Jordan. The adventures include weekend activities, day trips, multi day tours and complete holiday packages. All Terhaal guides and tour leaders are Jordanian locals who have extensive knowledge of the local communities and terrain of the areas you will be visiting.

The idea of setting up Terhaal came about when a young Jordanian couple, who spent most of their free time exploring and wandering through beautiful Jordan, went Canyoning for the first time in 2005. The next day they quit their Jobs and signed up for a training course that would set them on the path of becoming Canyoning guides.

Contacts: Terhaal Adventures, 48 Ali Nasuh Al Tahir St. (2nd floor) Sweifieh Amman, Jordan  Tel. +962 7 9553 6351 or +962 7 9778 4433. To get more info go to:

Source: Terhaal Adventures website and FB profile  Thanks to Rakan Mehyar.  All images are property of Terhaal Adventures. Copyrights applied. Video: Youtube  Text: Martin Alexander 

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