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Sakari Vekki Is the New World Champion in Swing Jumping

Swing Game – Swing Jumping World Championships were held in Kotka, Finland on Thursday evening on 24.07. The competition consisted of jumping from a giant swing built on a pier. The winner of these World Championships that were held for the second time, was Sakari Vekki from Finland. Vekki has previously been crowned as the Northern European Champion of Gymnastics, and it was the first time he participated in the Swing Jumping World Championships. Vekki’s winning jump was a double layout with double twist.
27. 7. 2014

“Jumping  from  a  swing  is  unbelievably  scary,  at  least  for  me,  as  I’m  not  used  to  the  water  element.  However,  during  the  warm-up,  I managed  to  get  a  goodfeel  of  the  swing,  and  that  helped  me  focus  on  doing  tricks,  instead.  It  was  awesome  that  I  managed  to  win  such  a  tough  competition,”  told  very  satisfied Vekki  after  the  competition.

Ville  Vahtola,  last  year’s  World  Champion,  placed  second  in  the  competition.  Before  his  swing  jumping  career,  he  was  a  successful  diver.  The  competition  was  extremely  close,  as  the  top  two  were  only  one  point  apart.  The  bronze  medal  of  the  World  Championships  was  awarded  to  Jussi  Polkko.

The  jury  of  the  World  Championships  scored  the  jumps  based  on  impressiveness.  The  principal  judge  of  the  jury  was  the  two‐time  European  champion  of  diving,  Joona  Puhakka.  In  connection  with  the  championships,  an  unofficial  world  record  for  the  longest  swing  jump  was  also  reached.  This  record  was  achieved  by  Ernest  Kymi  from  Kotka,  whose  record  jump  carried  him  all  the  way  to  17  metres.

Swing  Game–Swing  Jumping  World  Championships  were  held  by  the  mobile  games  company Kotka  Games,  who  is  specialised  in  the  production  of  games  with  the  swing jumping  theme.  The  company’s  first  game  was  launched  in  connection  with  the  Swing  Jumping  World  Championships. A  video  compilation  of  the  Swing  Jumping  World  Championships  can  be  found  on  the  website


27. 7. 2014

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