Aida Depth World Championships 2015 Caused Upset

Recognized as the greatest annual event in the freediving world, the 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships that kicked off on Monday 14th September raised a few eyebrows when French Freediver Guillaume Nery blacked out after diving a line that was accidentally set to 10m/33ft deeper than he was expecting (Guillaume announced depth of 129m). Although it was a close shave, he has made a full recovery. The competition then saw couple of national records set and it was also for the first time the USA has won a gold medal at a Freediving Depth World Championship.
14. 10. 2015

Held in the marine region of Limassol, the 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships that is considered the pinnacle of freediving competitions saw freeding elite taking to the depths off the coast of Cyprus, getting off of an exclusively designed barge, going for national as well as world records. First off was the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) discipline where Sayuri Kinoshita from Japan and Mandy Sumner from the United States have tied for gold.

Alexey Molchanov of Russia seemed unstoppable this year winning both the CNF as well as CWT discipline, leaving the overall winner Goran Colak of Croatia behind. He was going for sure for gold also in free immersion - and we all know why - however, had failed in his dive prior to William Trubridge's, who came out victorious at the end with 110m. Once again, the competition was great gathering of great individuals and were it not for that one tricky surprise that shook everything up, we could have seen a new world record. Maybe next time Guillaume!

There is no official video from the competition available but luckily enough, Stephen Keenan, Pascal Berger and Miguel Lozano from Dahab Freedivers took their cameras on the board and made an edit of some ambient moments in between the competition. Chill.

14. 10. 2015
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