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Miguel Lozano has developed a strong freediving skills in his youth before he knew it. Born in Spain, next to the Mediterranean Sea, young Miguel would spend hours swimming, diving and underwater fishing. It was obvious from the start the kid was born for the sea. And when he found freediving he never looked back. In 2011, Miguel breaks the 'magic' depth of 100m in constant weight and becomes the first Spanish freediver to do it so. Another success wasn't long in coming; a year later, he descends to 117m while competing in Free Immersion in the Bahamas and Spain celebrates its new hero: Miguel becomes the third deepest freediver in the world in this discipline. For sure, he is one of the best freedivers out there. And you can become too.
12. 1. 2016

Whether you are interested in trying freediving for the first time or improving your skills, Miguel is the one to speak to. Together with a fellow freedive buddy Santiago Jakas, another Spanish national record holder, Miguel launched the first AIDA, AA and SSI Freediving school in Tenerife, the Apnea Canarias Freediving Center. Since its beginnings, the school has been annually drawing over 300 students and freediving instructor aspirants and hopes to serve as a reference point for European freedivers.

Miguel Lozano

and his team

Being the only Spanish multi-certified freediving instructor, Miguel  and Santiago are Freediving Instructors of AIDA (International Association for the Development of Freediving), SSI (Scuba Schools International), Apnea Academy (School for the Instruction and Research of Freediving managed by Umberto Pelizzari) and CMAS-FEDAS (World Underwater Federation). You cannot be in better hands.

"We are supported by our experience not only in competitions, training and education but also in safety carried out at national and international competitions"

Tenerife is a great place for freediving with perfect conditions for diving and training all year round. The islands enjoys a warm climate with an average air temperatures of 20–22 °C in the winter and 26–28 °C in the summer. Water temperature varies between 19°C in winter and 25°C in summer.

The school is located on the east coast in Radazul, a small seaside resort town situated just 8 kilometers south of Santa Cruz, the capital of the Canary Islands. Conveniently located just a few meters from the sea  with easy entrance to several lines set up at different depths (-35, -45, -60, -90, -140mts) and within a short swimming distance, the school has you covered in all aspects offering courses at all levels. And when it comes to freediving, Radazul is hard to beat; depth, crystal waters, no currents and good temperature almost all year round make this place one of the best freediving spots in the world.  The school also offer training sessions for already certified freedivers who want to improve their freediving techniques.

A wreck at 20-30m with an abundance of marine life to view and enjoy after a training session is another reason to pack your gear and head south.

If you are looking for training in Europe then visit Apnea Canarias for more info. Moreover, Miguel teaches courses at other venues in Spain and Egypt throughout the year.

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12. 1. 2016
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