Caribbean Cup 2014 - Freediving Event in Exotic Honduras

Since its establishment in 2013, the Caribbean Cup has become one of the most important freediving competitions in the world hosting World and National Champions from all around the globe. With high-level safety teams and reputable international judges taking part in this exotic location Roatan Island, Honduras, the Caribbean Cup makes for a high-level freediving event. Where else should a freediving competition take place other than in Honduras as the name Honduras means “depths” for the deep water?
10. 4. 2014

The first edition of the Caribbean Cup in 2013 was held in a warm atmosphere, athletes from the 5 continents congregated and established one world record, as well as 4 continental records and 20 national records. Free Immersion (FIM), Constant Weight with Fins (CWT), and Constant Weight Without Fins (CNF) are the three disciplines in which athletes try to reach greater depths while holding their breath. This year event takes place on May 23 - 31, 2014.


Located in the Caribbean Sea, the Honduran island of Roatan is surrounded by crystal clear waters that are calm and warm. It is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system in the world, where you can find walls that drop off to hundreds of meters a few swim strokes away from white sandy beaches. Having been a popular diving destination since the 70’s, Roatan has all necessary infrastructures in place for hosting this excellent event and to provide the necessary comfort and safety to all participants and staff.

Dive sites & Marine infrastructure

West Bay is the beach where the event will take place. The diving platform is located about 3 minutes by boat from the headquarters, the “San Simon Beach Club”.

The site proposed for the competition is 0.70 km (0.44 miles) from shore (N 16° 16' 577 - W 86°36' 365).

Two moorings are installed on a large sand patch, at a depth of 146 meters (480 feet). These moorings will then anchor the competition platform and the main event catamaran.

"Deep Down" is a platform built especially for the first edition of the Caribbean Cup. It’s a 12 x 12 feet, integrated counter-ballast system, non-slip surface, with great buoyancy and stability. Three “warm-u lines” will be installed during training weeks and competition. All competitors can use the dive platform and training lines during the 2 weeks prior to competition for free. Pure O2 will be also available.


The whole event will be covered by the Honduran Red Cross and Bomberos Voluntarios (Volunteer Firemen) Staff. Five safety divers will keep an eye on the competitors; three safety divers will monitor the competition line; one safety diver to monitor the warm up lines; one safety diver will be on stand-by/rest.

Emergency Response:

Two on‐board EM’s with complete first aid kit, automate defibrillator and emergency oxygen and one ambulance will be present on land (3 minute boat ride from dive platform and 15 minutes from emergency clinic and hyperbaric chamber)


May 24 - Check in at the resort sponsor (Grand Roatan), official registration of competition, opening ceremony
May 25 - Day 1 competition
May 26 - Day 2 competition
May 27- Day 3 competition
May 28 - Rest day
May 29 - Day 4 competition
May 30 - Day 5 competition
May 31 - Day 6 competition, closing ceremony
June 1st- Resort check-out

Expected Weather Conditions

Air temperature:

Lows: 25 - 28 C (77 - 86 F)
Highs: 28 - 30 C (82 - 86 F)

Water temperature:

Average: 26 - 28 C (79 - 86 F)


Null to moderate, will not exceed 1.5 knots


24 - 30 meters (80 - 120 feet)

More information on the event and entry fee:

Source: Roatan Freediving website and their FB, thanks to Esteban Darhanpe and the main sponzors of the event: Grand Roatan Resort & Mayan Princess, all images are courtesy of Lia Barrett (

10. 4. 2014
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