Cypress Spring - Freedivers Paradise near Vernon, Florida

If you live near Vernon in Washington County, Florida you are lucky. Approximately 3.5 miles northeast of Vernon lies a hidden gem - Cypress Springs - once a highly populated and accessible place even a small dive shop used to be at. Sadly, all this is gone now as this amazing natural resource was taken over a large corporation to bottle water. The great thing on the other hand is that navigable rivers that lead to this place are still owned by the public and under law so you can still access this gem.
14. 4. 2015

The outer depths are about 25 feet deep but a small opening can be penetrated to a depth of 75 feet. The surroundings are heavily forested with cypress and several trees are also in the spring and if you are lucky you might encounter small fishes while diving here. The spring can be accessed only by boat. From the Big Pine Lane boat ramp, Cypress Spring run enters Holmes Creek from the northwest approximately 0.5 miles upstream. And trust us, the journey is worth the paddle.

Cypress Spring's Google coordinates: 30.658770, -85.684356

We were searching long to find a video of  this magnitude spring pumping crystal clear water paradise that would do the place a justice and here you are:


14. 4. 2015
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