Free Fall Yucatan - Into the Unknown

There are places on Earth where you have no idea where you are. There are depths that remind us of nothing except perhaps the depth within ourselves. There are places on Earth where you can find out exactly who you are. Those are the words that present The Passage, a 52min documentary following World Champion Freediver Guillaume Néry in his exploration of Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Directed by Denis Lagrange, a Director and DoP for TV & big screen documentaries, feature films and Imax 3D films, The Passage is a state of the art documentary capturing an intense, hybrid character, with powers of adaptation beyond the norm, Guillaume Néry who sets out to explore Yucatan's mysterious cenotes. If you haven't seen it (the documentary was released back in 2012), Guillaume has recently uploaded the final scene of the film on the internet. Check it out.
22. 10. 2014

Pushing the boundaries of his physical capacity and his desire for exploration, Guillaume travels to Southeastern Mexico, the north part of the Yucatán Peninsula to explore this land and discover its secrets. What is now known as Yucatán, one of the most advanced indigenous cultures of the ancient Americas, the Mayans, flourished and established already between 300 and 900 B.C. Because it was relatively isolated from the rest of Mexico until recently, this land of crystal clear waters and dense jungle has been wrapped up in mystery. It is in this surreal environment that Guillaume will attempt a rare performance: a free dive into the heart of a legendary cenote. brings you the final scene of the film, aptly called Free Fall Yucatan. Enjoy.


22. 10. 2014
Tags Freediving

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